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General Information about the Football Season: In the weeks of June, towards the end of registrations, we organize our coaching staff for our Tiny Mite, Mity Mite, Jr. Pee Wee, Pee Wee, Jr. Midget & Midget teams. Through June and July each of our teams are formed based on the results of registration. Exactly what level your child will play at is based on his age and his weight.

How do I know which division my child will participate in? You can check the Age and Weights Matrix to find your child's division. Age and Weights Matrix Click HERE

When does the season start and what about practices? AT MAA, all of our teams practice at the same time at Greenland Field. Our first practices will take place around the first of August. Teams will generally practice each week on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. Your coaches will contact you before August 1st to introduce themselves and provide you with any necessary information. More information will be provided to you about how the season will proceed in the first few practices. 

Labor Day, generally marks the beginning of the season. Practices are adjusted to Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings only. Friday practices will end in light of the games which are scheduled for Saturday's each weekend. 

What equipment will I need for my child? MAA will collect your child's information so your child's jerseys and game day pant can be ordered. MAA also issues each player a helmet and shoulder pads. This is an exciting time for the kids but set their expectations, it generally takes a few practices to properly fit and issue equipment to each player.  Any other equipment is the responsibility of the parent. 

Where are the games played? As an official member of the POP Warner League, each of our teams will play other POP Warner association's teams around Jacksonville. Usually 50% of your games will be at another association's fields somewhere in Jacksonville with the other 50% played at our home field Greenland Park.  

When are the games played? The schedule is prepared by POP Warner, and is usually delivered to MAA the week before the season's games begin. There are roughly 8 to 10 weeks of games depending on your level and the number of teams in the league each year. The regular season games start in September and are played on Saturday's. 

Playoffs & Championships: After the regular season ends and depending on how well your child's team performs through the regular season, the team may be eligible to go on to playoffs. (Tiny Mite and Mity Mite teams to not participate 'competitively", and do not play past the regular season's games) Jr. Pee Wee, Pee Wee, Jr. Midget, and Midget teams do go on to City, regional and National Championship. If your team is eligible because of a winning schedule, your team will participate and travel to other cities and possibly states. The cost of hotels and travel expenses can be greatly off-set by fund raisers and sponsors during the season. 

Getting off to a good start: After your child is properly registered either in person or online, the next step is to wait for your Coach or Team Mom to contact you. DO NOT BE ALARMED if you are not contacted by the 1st of August. Simply contact the Football Director via the e-mail address below and let them know that you have not been contacted and you will be provided with clarification and further instructions. Your child will need to wear football cleats to each practice and game. The kids will be in shorts and t-shirts at the first few practices while equipment is issued. Once they receive their helmets and pads, most practices will be in full equipment to get the kids used to playing in full pads. 

Mandatory Football Player ID's: In an effort to govern each association and player involved in the POP Warner League. POP Warner requires your team Mom, and the coaching staff to maintain a Team's Book. Essentially a team roster with each player detailed information, weight charts, birth certificates, etc. This is to make absolutely sure at every practice and game, every player is playing at their proper weight level, and that each team is playing with "Their" roster players. Completing your child's information for this book requires a physical (See Forms under Park Info) and a player ID Card. Your Team Mom will provide further instructions about a weekend when your team will be required to meet for their official weight and their photo will be recorded to create their Player ID Card for the Team's Book. 

Parent Participation: Each year we must rely on our member parents to help operate our concession stand. The concession operation is essential to the operation of our park and we need your assistance in operating it through the season. Each parent is asked to help out one or two practice nights or during one game, (not your own games) during the season. Again your Team Mom will organize this. 

Other Important Points: As you might imagine, operating an organization the size of MAA's football program requires significant funding. MAA draws the funds required to operate each year from two primary sources; corporate sponsors, and registration fees. We carefully structure our registration fees each year to meet two primary objectives. (1) to cover your child's uniform and equipment costs, which includes a jersey for them to keep and remember their experience, (2) and to be affordable for as many children as possible. Corporate sponsorships and fund raisers are then sought and used to meet the balance of our annual budget after registration. While capping our registration fees allows more kids to be involved, it does not generate the funding needed to operate for a full season. The solution to this challenge is a group effort. Rather than simply charging each parent a higher registration fee, each team is responsible to secure one corporate sponsor, which is easily accomplished through our sponsor recognition and advertising program. As parents you will be asked to assist in achieving this accomplishment. Remembering that we are an entirely volunteer organization, these two key components of meeting our budgetary requirements are used solely for the cost associated with operating our the Park which we actually lease from the City of Jacksonville. The bulk of the annual maintenance and up keep costs of operating the park are the responsibility of MAA. Some of these costs are:

  • POP Warner membership fees (Group insurance)
  • Coach and Volunteer POP Warner mandatory mentor classes
  • All Necessary Equipment - Helmet, Shoulder Pads, Hip, Tailbone, & knee pads
  • 1 Pair of Regulation Game Pants
  • Coaches and volunteers mandatory background checks
  • Referees for every game (every team, every weekend)
  • Facility insurance
  • Facility maintenance, building and equipment maintenance and costs
  • Field and turf maintenance, sod, fertilizer, pest control for 20+ acres
  • Equipment such as field markers, down markers, field chalk, seating
  • Field lighting and scoreboards
  • Concession kitchen equipment, Ice machines, freezers, fryers

Overall, our program is designed to be affordable for as many children as possible, while providing for a high caliber football program with equally impressive facilities, equipment and coaching. But we need your help as a member of MAA to achieve these goals. Get involved and everyone has a great season. Again, thank you for your interest in one of Jacksonville's most successful and well organized youth athletic programs, we're pleased to welcome you and your child.

Our Football Director of MAA is Corey Spriggs For Questions Contact [email protected]

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Mandarin Athletic Association

11808 Fayal Dr 
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