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Delta Sunrise Little League Manager/Coach Roles and Expectations


  • ALL SCHEDULED GAMES are to be played. President, Division Admin, UIC and/or Safety Officer may cancel games due to weather and/or safety concerns. Each team will be on the field ready to play at scheduled time, no exceptions. Managers may delay or reschedule a game only with the Umpire and/or Division Administrator approval on the field.  

  • Due to the safety of our volunteers, players and parents, Minor B has priority over the Gator in order to set up the Minor B field with the pitching machine, generator, bases and other equipment. Minor B is required to return the gator promptly once equipment has been delivered to either the field or back to the bunker.

  • Field must be prepared completely for each game: Bases, painted baselines and outfield lines, batting boxes and coach box (1st & 3rd) Tip: paint your lines after watering infield. It will require less paint and will stick much easier. 

  • Excluding T-ball: Home team is to provide an official scorekeeper and pick up the official book from the Snack Bar. If your field has a scoreboard, the Home Team manager is responsible to pick up the scoreboard remote control and return to the snack bar and the conclusion of the game.  

  • Conduct your team meeting away from the field playing area (Saturdays) so the next team can set up and warm up.  

  • Managers and coaches should check in with snack bar staff and ask if they have any trash or recycling that needs to go to the dumpsters. If you are the last manager on site, you must check in with the Snack Bar Manager and ask if they need any help closing. Remember they could have a large amount of trash and cash and we need to keep them safe.  

  • All Divisions – Home Team is responsible for setup of pitching machine (Minor B), generator (Minor B), bases and uncovering home plate/pitchers mound (Minor A/Majors). Visiting Team is responsible for covering home plate/pitcher’s mound (Minor A/Majors), taking down, packing up and storing equipment. Both teams are responsible to walk and clean up their respective dugout and bleacher areas; coordinate emptying trash cans with use of the gator and replace the garbage bag (supplied in the bunker.

  • Pre-game setup and post-game follow Bunker/Maintenance Shed expectations when equipment is used.

Umpire Duty/Snack Bar  

  • It is mandatory to assign and fulfill umpire assignments and scheduled snack bar duties. Umpire assignments can be assigned to Managers/Coaches/Parents. This will make volunteers stronger teachers of the game for the kids; it will also allow games to be played without impacting the kids. 

  • Please utilize a Team Mom to manage a schedule of your Managers/Coaches/Parents umpire and/or snack bar shifts. 

  • Major games are to have a minimum of 2 umpires provided by Minor A Division teams unless approved by the UIC.  

  • Minor A games must have a plate umpire by Major Division and a base umpire Minor B Division team unless pre-approved by the UIC.  

  • If your team's volunteer assignment and/or scheduled event is not covered, completed or missed, the team Manager will be suspended from his/her next scheduled game. 

  • Any teenagers under the age of 18 volunteering in the snack bar, need to be accompanied by an adult and fulfill the entire shift.

  • Fulfill the entire shift; prior to leaving the snack bar, please check in with the Snack Bar Manager or League Board Member. Follow the closing checklist for the snack bar prior to leaving and locking up. 

  • Team snack bar schedules are on the website. Be on the field/in the snack bar ready to go 10 minutes prior to scheduled game time. If you're running late, notify the UIC or Manager so they can prepare the teams properly.


  • Little league approved equipment is to be used during all practices and games.

  • Managers & Coaches are responsible to teach and follow all Little League and Local Rules established by the Board of Directors.

  • Communicate with Team Mom and Parents verbally, written and/or electronically with practice schedule.  

  • Ensure that fields are safe and ready to play on. Only use LL approved bases and equipment.  

  • Minor A/Majors repair any holes or divots to pitcher’s mound and batter’s box.  

  • Drag when needed and clean up all trash in dugouts. 

  • Notify the Division Administrator, UIC and Safety Officer of any field repairs or issues that are beyond your knowledge on how to repair.

  • Pre and post-practice follow Bunker/Maintenance Shed expectations when equipment is used.


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