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A lot of time and effort has been put into making sure everything in the bunker/maintenance shed has a place to be stored safely and is accessible for each division to gather items they need to set up their fields. The expectation is that we work together to store items back in the same place it belongs. Please remember to be mindful and respect of everyone when putting items away.

Guidelines to be followed:

  • The Gator is to be backed in and never to be driven forward into the bunker.

  • The generator is never to be placed on the ground inside the bunker, it is placed on the left-hand side grey shelf. 

  • All hand equipment is to always be hung on steel rods. 

  • Pitching Machine is to be hung on the blue hooks/rods on the right-side wall by the shovels

  • The legs go on the blue rods on the floor directly below the Pitching Machine.

  • Storage rack on the right-hand side is for bases:

Top shelf - Majors

Middle - Minor A

Bottom - Minor B

Intermediate/Jr. -  top left of grey cabinet (above gas cans)

  • Baseline painters go along the wall on the left-side
  • Baseline stringers are stored on the grey shelf on the left-side wall

  • Drags are to be hung with toe strap on blue hooks or rolled tightly against the wall on the left

  • DO NOT stack items on top of drags while in transport in the gator (no exceptions).

  • For safety purposes, please remember equipment/gator/tractor are only to be used by Board Member, Managers and Coaches. Kids are only allowed to use hand equipment when they are assisting on the field with their teams/Coaches.

  • The Gator should only enter the parking lot if you are emptying trash cans into the dumpsters. Please be extremely cautious using the Gator to drive to your car and gather your team gear; an accident with another person or persons vehicle is a liability for certainly the person driving the Gator but could be as well for the league.

  • Children are NOT allowed on the Gator or tractor at any time. Children are NOT allowed in the bunkers as well. This is for safety reasons; there is obvious risk riding on the Gator and tractor, but the bunkers are off limits because there are items in there that could seriously hurt someone if something were to fall on them or another person’s limb.


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