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NVAA Winter 2021 Basketball COVID-19 League Information


The NVAA league has determined select chapters will participate in the Winter 2021 Basketball season under certain rules and regulations. Below is a list of information pertaining to the agencies participating in this season which can be modified at any time during the program by the NVAA League Directors. We ask that all participants and families adhere to league rules to provide a safe environment for our youth to participate in games. If you have any questions, please contact your chapter director.


  • Only ONE parent/guardian/family member will be able to accompany their youth participant(s) to games (1:1 ratio)
    • No other family members or persons will be allowed inside the gymnasium facilities
    • This rule is in effect to minimize the amount of people entering and using school and recreational facilities
    • This rule SHALL NOT be altered in any form or fashion; please make necessary arrangements personally to comply with this rule
  • Upon entering a facility, both parent/guardian and youth participant(s) MUST wear a face mask
    • Participants must wear a facemask during gameplay
    • Anyone not wearing a mask will be asked to leave until a mask is worn
    • Each participating location will have masks available for those who do not have one
    • This rule is in effect to support chapter wide rules for school and recreational facilities
    • Hand sanitizer will also be available at each host site for parents and players before and after each competition
  • Upon entering a league facility for game play, all individuals WILL BE temperature checked
    • Anyone with a temperature above 100.4F will not be able to enter the facility
    • If your child is showing signs or symptoms of illness, please DO NOT allow them to attend practices or games
  • Each youth participant should be responsible for their personal property; this should only include proper game uniforms, footwear, backpacks and drinking containers
    • DO NOT share any personal belongings with anyone else
    • Make sure personal property is clearly marked
    • No outside basketballs are allowed into the facilities; each host site will provide necessary equipment for each game
  • Please DO NOT congregate in doorways or hallways
  • Gameplay rules will follow the NVAA 2020-2021 Rulebook
    • There will be no ‘handshake’ lines either before or after games; teams will need to leave the facility directly after games
    • Teams CANNOT NOT bring snacks into any NVAA League facility
    • Coaches meetings will occur before each match at the scoring table to go over final rules and/or questions
    • The 5th/6th grade division WILL NOT have a season ending tournament

              *this option could vary depending upon state, county and local guidelines*

  • There will be a 30 minute scheduling break in-between games for host sites to sanitize and clean
  • Facilities will not provide concession options, and outside food and drink, other than water, is PROHIBITED; team snacks should be held outside the facility as available
  • Due to facility limitations, league practices and games will not begin until after Monday January 4th
    • Chapter directors will contact teams the week prior to Monday January 4th to confirm practice schedules for each team and site
    • Game schedules and locations will be complete no later than Friday January 8th
    • Games will be held on Saturday’s starting January 16th
    • Due to the potential lack of youth participants and teams, the league schedule may differ from previous years



              The NVAA League is committed to providing the safest and most efficient means necessary to allow our youth to participate in organized sporting events. With the everchanging information distributed by federal, state and local health administrators, we understand things can be very frustrating and confusing. We all know that unless our league takes some type of precautions, we will most likely be incapable of providing the programs our youth need and want.


              All agencies have agreed upon the above terms in collaboration with school and recreational facilities to allow league play to commence for the Winter 2021 Basketball season. With that being said, we know not all individuals fully agree with stances taken by the NVAA or other groups; however, we ask that each person respectfully commits to honoring the above stated rules so our youth can compete in some form. Please be aware at any time during the season these rules may change and/or be dismissed due to changing protocols and guidelines from higher administrative counterparts.


              As always, you may contact your Chapter Director with any comments, questions or concerns, or you can contact our League President. We hope all of you will help us by committing to action these rules so our youth can participate in a positive athletic experience.




James Neill

NVAA President

Recreation Director; Town of Kersey


[email protected]


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