Looking to volunteer as a Manager or Assistant Coach for Fall of 2023? 
During registration of your player(s) you will be given the option to volunteer.  You can select Manager or Assistant Coach and follow the prompts to fill out your background information. 
Helpful hint, you must sign up on a laptop or desktop, this step cannot be completed on a mobile phone.  

Managers - first and foremost, thank you for volunteering this season.  Volunteers often go "thank-less" - but we truly do value you, and your families time and sacrifices you have given to this league.

Its post season evaluation time - this form will give the league an idea as to if players should move up divisions or stay down the following Spring season.

Example of a write up:
(Non-pitching division)
Player makes great contact with the ball and can identify all the bases and fielding positions. Player still needs encouragement to stay focused so playing first base or pitcher is a risk. Since this player is on the cusp of moving up it may not hurt to stay down one more season to strengthen their focus on safety.

(Pitching division)
Player has multiple pitches (fastball and change up) however cannot locate spots regularly, tends to get wild on the mound under pressure. Player is an above average batter and typically bats 1-5 on the team. Player is more of an infielder as they struggle to track a ball in the outfield. Player can play the catcher position, but had multiple passed balls per inning, this skill will need to be further developed in the off season. Player is over all above average and should move up.

Please have all write ups in no later than July 1st. 


Pitching Log - pitching_log.pdf

Gardziel Lights Instructions

DTQ Coach Checklist -manager checklist 2023.pdf

DTQ Manager / Coaches Info & Checklist downloadable version dtq manager and coach info with checklist - 2023.pdf 

Running a practice for managers and coaches -

Combos to batting cages and equipment boxes change yearly - please DO NOT share the codes with players, friends or family - this should only be shared with those on a need-to-know basis.

Please remember to CLOSE and LOCK all equipment boxes.


The purpose of this page is to provide important information to Managers and Assistant Coaches of Dumfries, Triangle, Quantico Little League (DTQLL). Please visit this page frequently to get the latest DTQLL updates – Click here to access the DTQLL Website 


  • All managers and coaches are required to have a JDP Background Check on file each season.   If you have not received or completed your JDP Background Check please email [email protected] and we will send you a link. 

  • All managers have final selection on their coaching staff (assistant managers/coaches). Please ensure you let your coordinators who your Assistant coaches of record are (First and Last name). There is only one manager and two assistant coaches of record permitted per team. If you do not provide your official assistant coaches they will not be approved for their $100 waiver of the volunteer fee. The deadline is by the first game to report to your coordinator. 


  • Review DTQLL local rules – we also recommend printing out a copy for your binder and/or saving to your phone as you may need to reference these during a game. 

  • Download the Little League App - here you will find updated rule changes and information as soon as they are made, no need to wait for books to be printed. 


DTQLL requires all Managers, Assistant Coaches of Record, and umpires to take Concussion Training Course. Below is some excellent information regarding Concussions in Youth Sports: 


The Little League® Diamond Leader Program, a new initiative focused on educating volunteer coaches on their role supporting the social and emotional well-being of children, is officially available for your coaches to complete for the 2023 season and beyond! 

Starting with the 2023 season, completion of the Little League Diamond Leader Program will be required for any coach and/or manager to be eligible to participate at any level of the Little League International Tournament. Upon completion of the program, all volunteers should share their completion certificate with Tim Jabs DTQLL Safety Officer at [email protected] and CC the [email protected] box.  **Please note this great information and DTQ requires this new training for all Managers and Assistants. ** 


  • Report accidents to Tim Jabs DTQLL Safety Officer at [email protected] and fill out the accident report 

  • Safety Plan - Familiarize yourself with DTQ Safety Plan, this includes accident reporting protocols. Please email a copy of your report to the DTQ Safety Officer: [email protected] 


  1. Communicate early and often with the parents of your players - the more upfront and open you are the better. Highly recommend a parent meeting before the first practice. 

  1. Safety always comes first. Become familiar with the League Safety Manual 

  1. Provide a positive, constructive, and instructive experience for the players on your team 

  1. Practices – should be structured in nature with a variety of drills such as situational demonstrations, mechanics demonstrations, speed and agility tips, terminology education, etc. Tip: Have a plan for every practice and game that minimizes the amount of time where players have nothing to do. 

  1. Games – batting line ups, defensive positions are all determined by the manager. 

  1. Be positive and respect each child as an individual. Praise the effort not the outcome. 

  1. Teach each of the players the value of winning and losing. 

  1. Read and understand the DTQ Little League “House/Local Rules” along with the Little League Internal Rules.  

  1. Respect the decision of the umpires. Arguing with an umpire is NOT allowed. Most of them are volunteers and we do not need to be running anyone away with unsportsmanlike conduct/behavior. Note: DTQ utilizes Junior Umpires (minors); they can be intimidated by adults, please do not belittle their umpire authority, they too are humans and are volunteering to help. 

  1. Manager/Coaches on Defense (minors division and above) can leave the dugout only when “Time” has been called and it is granted by the umpire. 

  1. Maintain control and be responsible for the behavior of your players, assistant coaches, and fans. Failure to do so can result in your ejection from the game and/or disciplinary action by the Board of Directors. If assistance is needed, especially in the younger age groups, it is highly recommended to appoint a team parent/dug out parent to assist with this. 

  1. Raise any concerns directly with the division coordinator first. If the concerns are not successfully resolved, you and the divisional coordinator should then raise the issue with the President/Vice President of the league by emailing [email protected]. 

  1. Allow time for proper field / cage, prep, cleaning before & after all practices and games. This includes lining the fields before games. 

  1. Ensure proper use, care and standards are maintained with all DTQ facilities, e.g., no soft toss into any DTQ fences, no seeds, gum, food, or colored drinks in cages. 

  • DTQ Managers Team Binder/Folder – bring to every event.  

  • Establish contact with each player welcoming them to the team.  

  • Identify and establish Assistant Coaches. If they do not have a background on file with DTQ, please email [email protected]. It is vital to report the names of your official assistant coaches for background checks and volunteer $100 fee waiver. 

  • Hold a parent meeting prior to the first event (highly recommended). Recommended parents check out the DTQ FAQ’s for details regarding number of events per week, uniforms, equipment, etc.  

  • Complete concussion training (link is found on the DTQ website – Coach’s Corner) – please email a copy of your certificate to the DTQ Safety Officer: [email protected]- DTQ Safety Officer Tim Jabs phone at 703-929-0610  

  • Complete Diamond Leader Training - please email a copy of your certificate to the DTQ Safety Officer: [email protected]  and CC [email protected] 

  • Establish communication with the Division Coordinator – they will be your primary contact for schedules, issues, field protocols, and lights for night games.  

  • Equipment – Equipment Coordinator will reach out to managers to distribute equipment, however if anything is needed throughout the season regarding uniforms or equipment, please email the DTQ Equipment Manager: [email protected]   

  • Gamechanger (GC) Team Manager App – share GC team account names with fellow coaches and coordinators. -Helpful link to help score games utilizing GameChanger Starting Lineups – GameChanger (  

  • Little League App - Familiarize yourself with Little League Rules. The Little League App FREE and will provide the most up-to-date rules and regulations.  

  • DTQ Local Rules - Familiarize yourself with DTQ “House” Rules - (DTQ website – Coach’s Corner) 

  • Safety Plan - Familiarize yourself with DTQ Safety Plan, this includes accident reporting protocols. Please email a copy of your report to the DTQ Safety Officer: [email protected]

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