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General Membership Meeting Notes – September 7, 2021

Josh DeMasi – President [email protected]

  • Working with the HTSD to get some time at Central on Saturdays from Club slow pitch.
  • ACTION: Need feedback from Softball on any scheduling requests for Central on Saturdays.
  • Submitted final edits for contract with the township. Prepared to sign pending 1 more change.  It’s a fair deal.
  • IMPORTANT: Parking update: Losing the gravel lot across from McCully fields starting Monday, September 13. Please keep handicapped spots accessible for parking for those in need of them.
    • This could go as long as a year due to the HS renovations.
    • NOTE: this lot is school district property, so we have to respect it.
    • Parking behind field 1 or by the pool, community center or tennis courts
    • Please refer to an email sent from Josh DeMasi sent on September 7th for more details.
    • Looking into signage for Drop offs

Steve – VP Upper Age Baseball: [email protected]

  • Season has started
  • 1 Colt Team
    • 3 Pods (17 kids)
  • 2 Pony Teams
  • Gave out some field time to T- Ball – for outfield use

Core Casper – VP of Fields: Fields VP [email protected]

  • Getting quotes on edging
  • Send email for any equipment requests
  • Some planning for top dressing next year once we can control the gravel
  • Need some top soil in outfield
  • Communications to come for field maintenance volunteers for Fall Ball
  • Need a Plan for spring on edging
  • Need a plan for closing the fields for the season
  • ACTION: Corey to come up with a wish list of items for next meeting on field repairs so we can budget for them and prioritize

Julie Fritsch – VP of Fundraising: [email protected]

  • Concession stand sign ups is open and rolling for Fall Ball
  • ACTION: Coaches and VPs – Please text or call Julie if a game is cancel so we can close and adjust the concession stand crew. Same with when you add a game.

John Kohler – Treasurer: [email protected]

  • Concession stand and field maintenance accounts look great for updates and future items needed.
  • As we look towards potential field maintenance costs for next year, items that are being considered:
    • Fencing
    • Field Surfacing
    • Other field items from wish list to be discussed next meeting

Ian Cummings – VP of Operations: [email protected]

  • Clearance updates: still need some, communicating with coaches to get them updated
  • Schedule ends 10/23 to give a week for rain outs and reschedules
  • ACTION: Follow up with Mike Moser to see who is running baseball clinics

Mike Moser: - VP of Lower Age Baseball – [email protected]

  • ACTION: Mike M to Follow up on ratings for last spring/summer from coaches

Mark Cadarette – VP of Rules and Umpires: [email protected]

  • Schedule sent for Umpires

Christina Carlin – Secretary: [email protected]

  • Continue to send social media or agenda items to secretary email

Greg Holtz – VP of Lower Age Softball: [email protected]

  • N/A

Jason Fritsch – VP of Upper Age Softball: [email protected]

  • N/A

General Membership Meeting – Board minutes –8/10/2021

Josh DeMasi – President - [email protected]

  • Josh to email School District in regards to Central for Club Softball

Steve Custer - Upper age Baseball - [email protected]

  • Upper age will keep registration open for 1 additional week
  • Will keep 20 jerseys on hand
  • Scheduling meeting to take place at the end of August
  • Donate a Registration to HAEE for basket
  • Starting Middle School Baseball workouts

Jason Fritsch – Upper Age Softball – [email protected]

  • GPGSL  meeting – August 22

Ian Cummings – VP of Operations - [email protected]

  • Make sure coaches have clearances before assigning coaches
  • Discussed fall numbers
  • Got Top dressing pricing – will complete in the next 2 weeks
  • Volunteers need clearances and background checks
  • Jersey pricing – got some competitive numbers

Corey Casper – VP of Fields – [email protected]

  • Completed Meadow field and put a digging tool up there
  • Need some equipment, will gather for an order
  • Mike M to reach out to get equipment back
  • Email to be sent to Learn to play camp to encourage registration – COMPLETED
  • Email reminder to all for registration to include possible conflict with soccer and to encourage registration for coaches to work with players to do both.

Christina Carlin – Secretary – [email protected]

  • Continue to send social media content to secretary email

VP Of Fundraising – Julie Fritsch - [email protected]

  • Dicks Sporting Goods coupon LIVE – August 13 – 16

VP of umps and rules – Mark Cadarette – N/A - [email protected]

  • Mark to explore the option of rules change of returning to USSSA bats for baseball

VP of Lower age softball – Greg Holtz – N/A - [email protected]

VP of Lower age baseball – Mike Moser – N/A – [email protected]


General Membership Meeting – Board minutes – 7/13/2021

Josh - President

  • Josh and Julie met with the Township on proposed changes to the contract.
  • Softball camp was very successful with 52 Participants
  • Learn to play camp is scheduled for first week in August
  • Fall ball registration to open August 1st.
  • Spoke with Kellen (HS baseball coach) about a camp to benefits HS boosters next year.


Ian – VP of Operations

  • Fall ball registration
  • Looking to rename Shetland (Transition)
  • Summer Sandlot pickup baseball is going very well with great feedback
  • Making a wish list of capital expenditures


Mike – VP of Lower age baseball

  • Rating materials have been sent out for Spring.  Will smooth out ratings and get ready for discussion


Greg – VP of Lower age softball

  • Season went well, tournament season is rolling.
  • Looking for an app to use for our tournament


Mark C – VP of Rules and Umpires – NEW

  • Will look for umps for the baseball tournament for the end of August


Corey – VP of Fields

  • Will take 2-3 weeks in the fall to plant grass
  • Potentially look for quotes on Edges
  • Conversation about different ways to improve fields and field maintenance
  • Potentially fence Meadow Fields
  • Discussion around coming up with a plan for kids who would like to leave to go play somewhere else (better competition).


Julie – VP of Fundraising

  • Madia – spring photo fundraiser
  • Brusters – spring evening at the fields
  • Dicks shopping event coming soon
  • Need to get name plates for ‘homerun’ sponsors
  • Sponsor logos to go on Website
  • Need a concession stand plan – conversation and potential solutions discussed including it being a potential fundraiser for tournament teams where teams get a % of profits.


John – Treasurer

  • Funds available for field maintenance and from concession stand


Christina – Secretary


Open Discussion

  • Try to retain and develop talent
  • Help develop at a younger age and stay and compete at a high level
  • We offer tournaments for tournament teams



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