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General Membership Meeting Notes - June 2022

Josh DeMasi - President

Board membership voted on and stays the same.
Board of directors names and emails to be posted on board next to concession stand - current events as well
Sent a message about softball camp to Coach Fidell. Want to try for mid July again.
High Performance Camp is full for first week
8u softball season is complete and went great
Lower age baseball playoffs going right now
Devise expectation of lower age softball and baseball - clear expectations

Steve - Upper baseball
Colt and pony season going on now - going to mid July

Upper age baseball -
going well

Lower Age Softball -
8u done - 10u going to GPGSL playoffs

Fundraising - Julie Fritsch 
Pics will be in this weekend

Fields - Corey Casper
Top dressing done at meadow
Foul lines painted for playoffs 

Treasurer - John Kohler
Money ready for fields if needed

Ian Cummings - VP Operations 
Softball - come out and play in the sandlot league in the summer
Meeting adjourned 

General Membership Meeting Notes - April 2022

Josh DeMasi - President

Lights should be good now
Possibly look into indoor facility for next spring

Steve – VP Upper Age Baseball: 
[email protected]

Colt scheduling meeting next week
Starting up as soon as JV HS season is over

Core Casper – VP of Fields: Fields VP [email protected]
Fields are good,
Equipment distributed to fields  

Ian Cummings – VP of Operations: [email protected]
Meadow will close for a few days end of April to fix fencing.  Will move games to Ellen Hughes

Greg Holtz - VP Lower Softball
Equipment is in
Ellen Hughes is good to go and was good -field equipment is there
8u/10u/12u girls registration to be opened soon - tryouts in a few weeks

Mark Caderette - Rules 
Possibly update rules 

General Membership Meeting Notes –March 2022

Josh DeMasi – President [email protected]

Tournament Baseball registration is open!
Email from a company assisting the township to help develop a rec space for the future,
Stregths to build on facilities?
Equipment needed - motion to spend on field passes

Steve – VP Upper Age Baseball: [email protected]
1 colt 
2 pony
Scheduling meeting coming up

Core Casper – VP of Fields: Fields VP [email protected]
Fields need some work
Batting cage for field 1 - getting quote
Big equipment order spread out 

Julie Fritsch – VP of Fundraising: 
[email protected]

John Kohler – Treasurer: [email protected]

Ian Cummings – VP of Operations: [email protected]
-Met with the township and went over scheduling permits and parking.  Have use of McCully 1, 2, 3 and Meadow. 
-Opening Day - 4/2 - using pavilions and road behind the fields 
-Lights are set and will repaired if needed.
-May 14 - no games 
-Wednesdays in June starts farmers market
-No parking on the road outside of field 1 outfield.
-Repaving to take place 
-Talk to school about scoreboards? 
-Foul game info forthcoming
-Sunday times for tournament - times coming from Ian 
Top Dressing being derived April 18

Mike Moser: - VP of Lower Age Baseball – [email protected]
Lower age baseball

Mark Cadarette – VP of Rules and Umpires: [email protected]

Christina Carlin – Secretary: [email protected]

Greg Holtz – VP of Lower Age Softball: [email protected]
-Coaches are assigned
-Indoor practices are taking place
-6u and 8u scheduling meeting next week

Jason Fritsch – VP of Upper Age Softball: [email protected]

General Membership Meeting Notes –February 2022

Josh DeMasi – President [email protected]

  • All field permits have been submitted
  • Secured Duncan and Ellen Hughs park (lower age)
  • Getting signs made for parking (losing parking due to HS construction 
  •  Trying to leave the road behind fields for coaches only
  • Games to start April 4th
  • NOTE: VPs of all Teams: please separate Tournament players
  • Opening day - tentatively April 2nd - no games 

Steve – VP Upper Age Baseball: [email protected]

  • 3 Teams - 2 Colt - 1 Pony
  • Reaching out to umpires
  • Games to begin Mid May

Core Casper – VP of Fields: Fields VP [email protected]

  • Sending email for more volunteers for spring
  • Upgrades to MCCully and Meadow are coming
  • looking to spray Central
  • cage 1 to be fixed

Julie Fritsch – VP of Fundraising: [email protected]

  • Ordering a banner - secured some new sponsors
  • Dicks sporting good Shopping weekend in March

John Kohler – Treasurer: [email protected]

  • Have money in field account for upgrades

Ian Cummings – VP of Operations: [email protected]

  • 95% of the schedule is built out
  • Looking to add clinics

Mike Moser: - VP of Lower Age Baseball – [email protected]

  • 6 Teams
  • Looking to schedule draft very soon
  • Ratings are assembled

Mark Cadarette – VP of Rules and Umpires: [email protected]

  • Looking to get more HS kids for umpires for lower age
  • Potentially set up classes to help

Christina Carlin – Secretary: [email protected]

  • Over communicate parking at pool and to leave back road for coaches

Greg Holtz – VP of Lower Age Softball: [email protected]

  • 2 - 6u
  • 4 - 8u
  • 2- 10u
  • 6u/8u will play in the Pine Richland league with 5 townships
  • Scheduling meeting in March - drafts soon!

Jason Fritsch – VP of Upper Age Softball: [email protected]

1- 18u
2- 15u
2- 12u

General Membership Meeting Notes – September 7, 2021

Josh DeMasi – President [email protected]

  • Working with the HTSD to get some time at Central on Saturdays from Club slow pitch.
  • ACTION: Need feedback from Softball on any scheduling requests for Central on Saturdays.
  • Submitted final edits for contract with the township. Prepared to sign pending 1 more change.  It’s a fair deal.
  • IMPORTANT: Parking update: Losing the gravel lot across from McCully fields starting Monday, September 13. Please keep handicapped spots accessible for parking for those in need of them.
    • This could go as long as a year due to the HS renovations.
    • NOTE: this lot is school district property, so we have to respect it.
    • Parking behind field 1 or by the pool, community center or tennis courts
    • Please refer to an email sent from Josh DeMasi sent on September 7th for more details.
    • Looking into signage for Drop offs

Steve – VP Upper Age Baseball: [email protected]

  • Season has started
  • 1 Colt Team
    • 3 Pods (17 kids)
  • 2 Pony Teams
  • Gave out some field time to T- Ball – for outfield use

Core Casper – VP of Fields: Fields VP [email protected]

  • Getting quotes on edging
  • Send email for any equipment requests
  • Some planning for top dressing next year once we can control the gravel
  • Need some top soil in outfield
  • Communications to come for field maintenance volunteers for Fall Ball
  • Need a Plan for spring on edging
  • Need a plan for closing the fields for the season
  • ACTION: Corey to come up with a wish list of items for next meeting on field repairs so we can budget for them and prioritize

Julie Fritsch – VP of Fundraising: [email protected]

  • Concession stand sign ups is open and rolling for Fall Ball
  • ACTION: Coaches and VPs – Please text or call Julie if a game is cancel so we can close and adjust the concession stand crew. Same with when you add a game.

John Kohler – Treasurer: [email protected]

  • Concession stand and field maintenance accounts look great for updates and future items needed.
  • As we look towards potential field maintenance costs for next year, items that are being considered:
    • Fencing
    • Field Surfacing
    • Other field items from wish list to be discussed next meeting

Ian Cummings – VP of Operations: [email protected]

  • Clearance updates: still need some, communicating with coaches to get them updated
  • Schedule ends 10/23 to give a week for rain outs and reschedules
  • ACTION: Follow up with Mike Moser to see who is running baseball clinics

Mike Moser: - VP of Lower Age Baseball – [email protected]

  • ACTION: Mike M to Follow up on ratings for last spring/summer from coaches

Mark Cadarette – VP of Rules and Umpires: [email protected]

  • Schedule sent for Umpires

Christina Carlin – Secretary: [email protected]

  • Continue to send social media or agenda items to secretary email

Greg Holtz – VP of Lower Age Softball: [email protected]

  • N/A

Jason Fritsch – VP of Upper Age Softball: [email protected]

  • N/A

General Membership Meeting – Board minutes –8/10/2021

Josh DeMasi – President - [email protected]

  • Josh to email School District in regards to Central for Club Softball

Steve Custer - Upper age Baseball - [email protected]

  • Upper age will keep registration open for 1 additional week
  • Will keep 20 jerseys on hand
  • Scheduling meeting to take place at the end of August
  • Donate a Registration to HAEE for basket
  • Starting Middle School Baseball workouts

Jason Fritsch – Upper Age Softball – [email protected]

  • GPGSL  meeting – August 22

Ian Cummings – VP of Operations - [email protected]

  • Make sure coaches have clearances before assigning coaches
  • Discussed fall numbers
  • Got Top dressing pricing – will complete in the next 2 weeks
  • Volunteers need clearances and background checks
  • Jersey pricing – got some competitive numbers

Corey Casper – VP of Fields – [email protected]

  • Completed Meadow field and put a digging tool up there
  • Need some equipment, will gather for an order
  • Mike M to reach out to get equipment back
  • Email to be sent to Learn to play camp to encourage registration – COMPLETED
  • Email reminder to all for registration to include possible conflict with soccer and to encourage registration for coaches to work with players to do both.

Christina Carlin – Secretary – [email protected]

  • Continue to send social media content to secretary email

VP Of Fundraising – Julie Fritsch - [email protected]

  • Dicks Sporting Goods coupon LIVE – August 13 – 16

VP of umps and rules – Mark Cadarette – N/A - [email protected]

  • Mark to explore the option of rules change of returning to USSSA bats for baseball

VP of Lower age softball – Greg Holtz – N/A - [email protected]

VP of Lower age baseball – Mike Moser – N/A – [email protected]


General Membership Meeting – Board minutes – 7/13/2021

Josh - President

  • Josh and Julie met with the Township on proposed changes to the contract.
  • Softball camp was very successful with 52 Participants
  • Learn to play camp is scheduled for first week in August
  • Fall ball registration to open August 1st.
  • Spoke with Kellen (HS baseball coach) about a camp to benefits HS boosters next year.


Ian – VP of Operations

  • Fall ball registration
  • Looking to rename Shetland (Transition)
  • Summer Sandlot pickup baseball is going very well with great feedback
  • Making a wish list of capital expenditures


Mike – VP of Lower age baseball

  • Rating materials have been sent out for Spring.  Will smooth out ratings and get ready for discussion


Greg – VP of Lower age softball

  • Season went well, tournament season is rolling.
  • Looking for an app to use for our tournament


Mark C – VP of Rules and Umpires – NEW

  • Will look for umps for the baseball tournament for the end of August


Corey – VP of Fields

  • Will take 2-3 weeks in the fall to plant grass
  • Potentially look for quotes on Edges
  • Conversation about different ways to improve fields and field maintenance
  • Potentially fence Meadow Fields
  • Discussion around coming up with a plan for kids who would like to leave to go play somewhere else (better competition).


Julie – VP of Fundraising

  • Madia – spring photo fundraiser
  • Brusters – spring evening at the fields
  • Dicks shopping event coming soon
  • Need to get name plates for ‘homerun’ sponsors
  • Sponsor logos to go on Website
  • Need a concession stand plan – conversation and potential solutions discussed including it being a potential fundraiser for tournament teams where teams get a % of profits.


John – Treasurer

  • Funds available for field maintenance and from concession stand


Christina – Secretary


Open Discussion

  • Try to retain and develop talent
  • Help develop at a younger age and stay and compete at a high level
  • We offer tournaments for tournament teams



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