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Little League Cannot Happen without YOU!

As with every year, Little League - no matter where, be it with us in Taft, CA or in Williamsport, PA for the annual Little League World Series - does not happen without the dedication, sweat, tears, and lost sleep of volunteers. This is why we need you - yes, you, the person reading this right now!

We plan to have somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 teams for the 2018 season and each team needs a Manager and a Coach or two. Ideally, each team would have a Team Parent, too. This means, per team, we need at least 2-4 volunteers! Do the math - that's at least 60 volunteer spots that we need to fill! That's not even counting umpires and scorekeepers!

The only prerequisite is to fill out the Little League Volunteer Application below. The WSLL runs a nation-wide background check to make sure you're who you say you are and you're not someone who could / would endanger the precious loves of the children we're sworn to protect. Complete it in full and submit it via our website (under the "Register and Play" tab where it says "Document Submission") or via e-mail to [email protected] and you'll be on your way!

Here's a quick breakdown of how many volunteers will be needed and where:

-Intermediate (50/70) Division - One (1) Managers, four (2) coaches, two (2) Team Parents
-Majors Division - Four (4) Managers, eight (8) coaches, four (4) Team Parents
-Minors Division - Six (6) Managers, twelve (12) coaches, six (6) Team Parents
-Pitching Machine Division - Six (6) Managers, twelve (12) coaches, six (6) Team Parents
-TeeBall Division - Ten (10) Managers, twenty (20) coaches, ten (10) Team Parents
-Umpires: Ten (10)
-Scorekeepers: Eight (8)

Submit your Volunteer Application via E-mail:

[email protected]


[email protected]

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