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Mar, 2024

Tee-Ball Gear Buyers Guide

Getting started in Teeball doesn’t require a lot of gear, but we do have a few recommendations to help you have a great first season:  
Required Gear:  Glove (8-10 inch Teeball Glove) 
Strongly Recommended Gear:  Teeball Helmet & Bat
Glove:  We recommend an 8-10 inch TeeBall glove for most players.  Most players will be comfortable with an 8.5 inch glove to start the season, and most of these gloves are pre-conditioned to be soft and pliable.  Older players or those with larger hands may feel more comfortable in a 9 or 10 inch Teeball glove. Visiting a store and having your child try a few on is the best way to narrow the sizing.  Tee Ball Glove Options
Bats:  We recommend an inexpensive Teeball bat for all players.  This allows the player to get comfortable with their bat when practicing at home and it speeds up practice and game times.  Each team will have 1-2 team bats available for players who do not have a personal bat.  Most Teeball bats range in the $20-$40.  We recommend a 24” Teeball bat for younger players and a 25-26” Teeball bat for older/taller players. Tee Ball Bat Options

Helmets:  At RDLL we take safety very seriously.  We recommend each player has a helmet with a protective wire face mask.  Having a personal helmet ensures a proper fit for your slugger and will reduce wait times during games and practices.  Many Teeball helmets are one size fits most.  When various sizing is available, the best sizing technique is to use a fabric tape measurer to measure the circumference of your child’s head (with hair/ponytail included) and use the manufacturer’s size chart to select the proper helmet size.  Having a personal helmet also allows your child to pick their favorite color or team color!  Helmets are available with the face masks or you can add them separately.  Teams will have 3-4 team helmets available for any players w/o helmets.  Teeball Helmet Options
Uniforms:  The league will provide each player with a Team T Shirt, Hat, and Socks.  
Additional Clothing:  We recommend players wear any comfortable pants for games and practice.   Small Teeball sized baseball pants are available but regular sweatpants work great at this age level.  Any color will work.  For shoes, we just recommend comfortable play shoes, cleats are not necessary.  On rainy days the fields can get wet and muddy so we often wear and recommend rain boots or rain/mud shoes on those days.  A change of clothes for the car can also be a great idea! Temperatures can vary throughout the season so considering layers like a thin undershirt, and also bringing a preexisting rain jacket are great for weather days.  
Teeball Pant Options 

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