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Coach Pitch

General Info

  • Focus is on teaching fundamentals and having fun

  • Previous baseball experience is not required 

  • Typical skill level includes players who:

    • Can make contact with a pitched ball some of the time

    • Can throw and catch the ball, but only inconsistently

    • Understand basic baseball rules and positioning

  • Noncompetitive games (no scoring)

  • 60 minute games 

  • No umpires 

  • Team formation is made by league, open to requests to play with friends (no draft)

  • Roster size is 9-12 players, depending on sufficient volunteer Managers/Head Coach and Assistant Coaches

  • RDLL provides: Jersey, hat, socks. Each team will have shared batting helmets, bats, balls and catcher’s gear

  • Families provide baseball gloves

  • Typically have one evening practice per week during the season (days and times are determined based on coach preference and will be communicated after teams are formed)

  • Typically have one game on Saturdays (there may be some exceptions to this)

  • Although there is a designated manager, EVERY parent is a “coach” and is expected to help out

  • Batting/Pitching/Catching

    • Coaches pitch 6-8 pitches to their own teams  — after that, players hit ball off a tee

    • Bunting not permitted

    • No catcher

 Batting Order

  • All players bat each inning

  • The batting order shall be continuous and include all players on the team roster present for the game batting in order. Each player is required to bat in their respective spot in the batting order


  • It is encouraged to field all of your players while on defense and rotate positions each inning  

  • Defensive positions are more defined. Some defensive outs are made, but not consistently

  • Coaches discuss before the game if teams should play with outs. The full roster will still bat regardless if playing with “outs” unless agreed upon by coaches prior to the start of the game 

Base Running

  • Players are encouraged to run one base unless the coach instructs otherwise

  • The last batter will “hit a home run” and run all of the bases to conclude the inning

  • No leading off

  • No stealing

Coach Pitch Registration is $115

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