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Mandatory Play-Time/Rotations – 

Teams will bat all rostered, present players in a continuous batting order.
● Defense will play 10 players in the field 
● Players cannot sit consecutive innings. 
● No player may sit TWICE before every rostered, present player has sat ONCE 
● Players alternate outfield to infield every inning (this is mandatory for regular season & playoffs) 
○ Outfield positions: LF, LC, RC, RF, C 
○ Infield positions: 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, P 

Game Play – 

● Coaches must pitch from the feet (not from the knees) 
● Batters/base runners are removed off the base if the defense gets him/her out
● A half inning is concluded when either a) the defense records 3 outs OR b) the offense’s batting order has gone (1) time through completely
● Outfielders must be 10 feet from the edge of the clay 
● Outfielder must throw the ball in to record an out (not merely tagging a base) 
● The players on the bases can run until the outfielder throws the ball in. When the ball is in the air, the runners must stop at the next base they            come to.
● Base runner cannot advance on an overthrow. 

Time Limits – 

● Saturday: 1 hr 30 min; cannot start a new inning after 1hr 15min post-start time 
● Weekday: 1 hr 15 min; cannot start a new inning after 1 hr post start-time ● *** It is recommended to play 3-4 innings & around 1 hour. ***  Other    rules – 
● February 11 – April 15: 
○ No score is kept 
○ No winner/loser is recorded 
○ No standings 

 Beginning April 17 – into playoffs -

○ Score is kept in preparation for playoffs. 
○ The first 3 innings will continue until the offense has scored 5 runs or the defense has recorded 3 outs. The 4thinning and on will be unlimited runs (or until 3 outs) or the game reaches the time limit. 
○ No standings are kept ○ Home team will have Score Duty & will use the Digital Scoreboard upstairs in the scorebooth 
○ Playoff seeding is determined by Blind Draw 
○ Playoffs Rules: see Playoff Addendum (TBD) 

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