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Tee Ball Fall

Mandatory Play-Time/Rotations – 

  • Teams will bat all rostered, present players in a continuous batting order.

  • Defense will play 8-10 players in the field (discretion of the manager) 

  • Players cannot sit consecutive innings. 

  • No player may sit TWICE before every rostered, present player has sat ONCE  (circumstances such as bathroom breaks, player preference, etc are exceptions  and acceptable).  

  • o Recommended: players alternating outfield to infield every inning 

• Time Limits – 

o Saturday: 3 innings or 1 hr 30 min 

o Weekday: 3 innings or 1 hr 30 min 

• Other rules – 

  • o For entire season: 

    •  No score is kept 

    • ▪ No winner/loser is recorded 

    • ▪ No standings 

    • ▪ No Playoffs 

  • For Entire Season:  

    • All batters hit from the tee; all batters reach 1st base and remain on the  base even if an out is made; base runners advance one base at a time.

    • No Coach Pitching for Fall Season 

    • No removing batters off the base (in the event of an out) for Fall Season

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