Date: January 31, 2021 8:15 PM

Attendees: Brian Carr, Melissa Lundquist, Rick Carson, Rob Linchesky, Tim Canham, Brad Bochat, Brad Goldstein, Dawn Breden, Tiffany Brewer-Ocegueda, Marlow Nieves, Steve Peters, Carolyn and Bobby Merritt, Peter and Jennifer Aziaka, Anthony N

  1. Registration Update – Rick Carlson

    1. Currently have 168 registered, 141 Baseball and 27 Softball, 30 ahead of last year at this same time. Expecting 50 or more as it gets closer to Spring. 

    2. Rick to send an updated list with current registration by division along with birthdates to Brian to review.

    3. Rick also to send a list of softball registrations from 2019 to Dawn Breden to review and call those who previously registered to see if they intend to sign up again. 

  1. Clinics Update – Brad Goldstein

    1. Currently have 2 weeks of clinics completed, 6 volunteers, need to get more volunteers so it’s not the same people all the same time. Brian will call and cancel for next week due to the Super bowl. Rick will send out an email to community, Melissa will send out an email to those that signed up and Marlow will post it on Facebook to let people know. 

    2. Tim Canham will arrange another clinic for older players on Thursdays and work out payment directly.

  1. Financial Update – Melissa Lundquist

    1. Melissa shared the financials year-to-date, currently about $4,000 ahead including tractor storage and all credits have been used or refunded for the Covid credit from 2020. 

    2. Need to contact Pepsi representative as they never sent their sponsorship payment. Brian to forward contract to Melissa to reach out to them.

  1. League Update – Brain Carr

    1. Brian received confirmation from AHQ on evaluations for Minors and above including Softball. They will be held Saturday, March 6th 8AM-11AM and Sunday, March 7th 10:15AM-1PM. 

  1. Parents are only allowed to check their players in and then must wait in the car. We will have volunteers help with the logistics of getting them through the process.  

  2. Rick will put the forms on the website that must be completed ahead of time, Marlow to put post on Facebook to remind with link:

    1. 1) Waiver for AHQ

    2. 2) Completed school form

    3. 3) Completed medical release form

  3. Plan to set up a follow up date for uniform sizing the weekend after.

  4. Before evaluations are held we need to get a list of all coaches with ID information to JDP to do the background checks, should be done by 2/15.

  1. New rules update from Little League International – many changes – Rick will post the new rules on the website and also put a link in the next Gazette newsletter. 

  2. Brian met with Luis and Kim Washer from the Village to review the safety and repair items necessary on the fields – fencing repairs, lighting replaced in Concession stand, home plate repairs on Juniors field,  repairs to softball field pitcher’s mound, first base repaired and the yellow plastic fence tops need to be repaired in sections. 

  3. President’s meeting to be held on Tuesday, February 2nd – plan to discuss tournaments, rules updates and other details. 

    1. Will request to host Softball Majors tournament (July 8-11). Already have planned Sperry majors tournament the end of June (21-26) and 10U All Starts District Final on Minors field (July 10-11). Hamms tournament typically held in July, last year it was held early since there weren’t any All Stars due to Covid. Need to get the trophy back to get SELL winners engraved and display it at the Concession stand. Intermediate All Stars to be held June 25-27.

    2. Look into renting PA systems for the tournaments as it worked well last season. 

  1. Safety Update – Luis Torres/Brian Carr

    1. New rules were released with most of the same Covid rules as last year but include a requirement for the players to wear masks when they can’t be 6-feet apart. Coaches are also required to ask the players how they are feeling each practice and game. If any player is not feeling well then they will need to be moved to a quarantine area to wait for their parents to pick them up. 

      1. Discussed recommending the Team Manager app to all coaches as it has a lot of built in features and includes a health check feature for Covid.  

  1. Minors Level – Brad Bochat

    1. Currently have enough coaches for those registered so far.

  1. Majors/Intermediate – Tim Canham

    1. Currently have enough coaches for Intermediate with those registered so far. Juniors currently have 10 registered and possible we may have a Seniors team. Kurt interested in coaching the Seniors team. Brian requested Rick to open up registration for Seniors division now so we can plan accordingly.

  1. Softball – Dawn Breden

    1. Registration so far indicates there will be 2 Minors teams and 1 Majors team. The league will look to purchase pants or socks and belts for softball players. Historically the softball players did not like the pants the league had so they chose to purchase their own. 

    2. The tryouts on Saturday for Legends went well. Planning for a 12U Legends softball this year and a future 10U Legends team next season. 

  1. Concessions – Carolyn Merritt

    1. Need to identify a few other volunteers to get their Food Handling Certification. Currently Carolyn and Jennifer have it completed. Melissa, Brian and possible Tosha Nichols to complete it as well. It can be done on any time, it costs $10 and takes about 30 minutes and is good for 3 years. The league can reimburse anyone who is interested in getting it to help consistently at the concession stand. 

    2. Will make plans to have 1 person with the certification at all times in the stand. Plan to have volunteers again this year with each family responsible for 4+ hours of service.

    3. Also will need to install Plexiglas shield at concession window prior to start of season. 

Closing – Brian Carr – at 9:25pm

Date: December 21, 2020 7:00 PM

Attendees: Brian Carr, Kim Wascher, Melissa Lundquist, Rick Carlson, Rob Linchesky, Tim Canham, Brad Bochat, Brad Goldstein, Tiffany Brewer-Ocegueda, Kristen Toppel, Petar Spasojevic, Anthony

I. Village Update – Kim Wascher

A. Renewal of agreement to be reviewed after 1/1/21

B. Village now owns the Lions Club building, no need to list them as additionally insured on our certificate of insurance.

C. Let Kim know of season start dates so water can be turned on outside. Mowing will start in April and weed control in March.

D. Brian to send safety report to Kim to get the backstop on the Intermediate field repaired.

E. Smart thermostats will be installed at some time next year.

F. Village will plan on continuing to clean the bathrooms during season March-June.


II. League Update – Brian Carr

A. District is planning on starting third week of April – as if normal season. We’ll move ahead as normal and adjust as Covid restrictions are released. Will plan on the same PPE requirements as last year.

B. Intermediate field will have new sod, will need water turned on in March.

C. Try outs will be held at AHQ the first weekend of March, draft the week after and practices to start the week after that.


III. Financial Update – Melissa Lundquist

A. All financials remain the same as last month with the additional expense of phones, clinics and computer repairs.

B. Brian will file the charter with Little League – approx. $3,000, will use remaining credit from 2020 season.


IV. Player Agent Update – Rick Carlson

A. Registration is open for beta test this month. Email to be sent out to all members with information to sign up. Option to register and not pay will be utilized to allow board to get a count of participants.

B. Website update and positions – Ryan Carr will be Equipment manager and Kurt Engstrom will be Fields manager.


V. Majors/Intermediate Level – Tim Canham

A.Will work with Brad Goldstein to have a Coaches Clinic before the draft especially for t-ball/coach pitch level coaches. Brian will look into using Sportsplex for that.


VI. Minors Level – Brad Bochat

A. Requested list of players moving up from Coach Pitch so he can contact possible coaches – projecting 5 minors and 2 majors teams.


VII. T-ball/Coach Pitch Level – Petar Spasojevic

A. Nothing new for SELL. Secured Players Academy in Algonquin for 8U Legends team clinics.


VIII. Team Parent Coordinator – Kristen Toppel

A. Melissa and Kristen will work together on creating new registration flyers to email out and get printed copies for preschools, Village Parks and Rec, school principals etc.


IX. Closing – Brian Carr

A. Requested that VP’s get their coaches volunteer info in to get background checks completed.

B. Requested to create a tab on website to add meeting minutes.

C. Sportsplex has been set up for clinics starting 1/17 5:30-7:30, 1/24 5:15-7:30. They are closed now but Brian will contact them to confirm

D. Meeting adjourned 7:55pm

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