1. Why am I asked to provide proof of residency? 
    1. Each local Little League determines the actual geographic boundaries of the area from within which it shall select players. These boundaries must be described in detail and shown on a map and dated when making application for a Little League charter. Players will be eligible to play with that league only if they reside, or the physical location of the school where they attend classes, is within the boundaries provided to and approved by Little League Baseball, Incorporated.  Click here for more info
  2. Why do I need to provide my coach with a medical release form?
    1. As part of the Little League Child Protection program, a medical release is required to be signed by each players parent(s) or legal guardian. The form discloses information about allergies and other maladies that may impact a child's health.  Click here for more info
  3. When will the season start?
    1. Registration ends 2/29.  Once closed the board will begin the build out the teams.  Parents will be notified by coaches by March 30th.
  4. What kind of equipment does my son or daughter need? 
    1. Baseball - a glove and cleats are required for all players.  Some type of equipment bag is also good for them to have to store their belongings in.  A helmet and bat may be provided but most players bring there own.
    2. Softball - a glove, cleats and for girls playing in the minor division or higher a fielding mask is required.  A helmet and bat may be provided by the coach but most players have their own.  If you purchase your own helmet it must have the face guard attached for softball.  Some type of equipment bag is also good for them to have to store their personal belongings in.  
  5. I want to buy a bat for my son or daughter.  What do I do?  (click the links below for info)
    1. Bat Rules
    2. Size help and more
  6. How do I get a refund?
    1. Refunds will be provided by check 7 to 14 days after the request.  Refunds will be provided in full less the amount of the $3 website and 2.8% credit processing fee.  Any refunds required mid-season will be done at a prorated amount.  Email [email protected] with any requests.