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Managers and Coaches can use this page for helpful resources throughout the season.

Little League University for Coaches:
This is the main source of information for coaches from Little League Baseball.

USA Baseball Mobile Coach App: 
This provides many free drills and practice plans along with video examples.

HEADS UP Concussion Training:
All managers are required to take this course and provide a certificate of completion to the Equipment Manager before team gear will be issued.

Practice Priority Schedule:
This schedule provides you with a look at which teams have priority for practices.  Managers are encouraged to let others know about cancellations or work out swaps between teams.

TCALL Pitching Affidavit:
You will be provided pages to start the season, but can find additional pages here if you need them.

TCALL Local League Rules:
Paper copies are handed out to the managers before each season.  This provides a digital reference for you.

Field Status

Open Open

Live Oak Park (08:41 PM | 03/31/21)

Open Open

Diamond (08:41 PM | 03/31/21)

Open Open

Loop (08:41 PM | 03/31/21)

Open Open

Elysian Park (11:14 PM | 04/28/21)

Open Open

Field 1 (11:14 PM | 04/28/21)

Open Open

New Temple Park (12:56 PM | 06/02/21)

Open Open

Field 1 (12:56 PM | 06/02/21)

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