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Frequently Asked Questions

When does registration for Spring open?
Spring registration opens December 1 and closes mid-January.  Tryouts for Minors and above are the end of January, practices start in mid-February, Opening Day is around mid-March, and games start shortly thereafter ending at the end of May.  Post Season tournaments and All Stars for Minors, Majors, Juniors, and Seniors is in June.  Specific Spring Season dates can be found under Season Dates, or by clicking here.

When does registration for Fall open?
Fall registration may open July 1 and closes toward the end of July.  Practices start in August, Games start in September through October.  There are no tryouts, tournaments, or All Stars during the Fall Season.  Specific Fall Season dates can be found under Season Dates, or by clicking here.

What are the Registration Fees and what is included?
Registration prices are listed below.  A $3 processing fee is included in your total, both if you pay online or in person with check.

This covers the cost of team shirts, hats, and shared equipment like balls, helmets, and catchers gear.  You are responsible for providing pants, belt, socks, cleats, glove, and any other equipment you want to purchase for your player but this is not required (your Team Manager will advise on what color pants and socks they would like your players to wear).

Division   Spring PriceFall Price
T Ball$88$53

How do I determine what League Age my child is?
Little League International updates their league age chart on an annual basis.  Refer to the below link to determine your child's league age:
Little League Age Calculator

What division should my child be in?
Use the Little League Age Calculator above to check your player(s) league age, then check the chart below to see what Division they should play in

League Age  Division
4T Ball
5T Ball
T Ball
8Farm, or Minors if drafted on ability
10Minors, or Majors if drafted on ability
12Majors, or Juniors if drafted on ability

Can my child play up a division?
Players can assess to play up a division.  All players must register for their League Age, and then attend tryouts and be evaluated.  If chosen to play up a division, then manual adjustments will be made to the new division, cost, etc.

Do I have to Register Online AND attend Forms Processing?
Yes!  We use online registration to monitor registration numbers for each division and everyone must be registered online to be placed on a team.  Forms processing attendance is mandatory as well to turn in physical copies of your paperwork - we need physical copies to be place in Manager and Coach Binders according to Little League requirements.  Players will not be placed on a team until all forms have been received and verified.

Do you offer Scholarships?
Yes!  We want to ensure every child can play, so please let us know at Forms Processing if you need to inquire about a scholarship.

I registered my child, now what?
Watch your email, Facebook, and check the website periodically for updates.  Next up is Forms Processing, Tryouts (for Minors and above), and welcome email from coach.  Take a look at the Registration section for important dates for each season.

What do I need for tryouts?
Players should come dressed in baseball attire and bring their own glove, cleats, helmet, and water bottle.  Bats will be available for use, players are welcome to bring their own if they choose.

What days will games and practices be?
Your practice schedule will be determined by your coach, who will review available fields and decide on the best day(s) and times to practice.  Games during the Spring season can be played any day of the week except Sunday (with the exception being Tournaments at the end of the season).  Games during the Fall season are coordinated with our District (as we're often playing inter-league) and will depend upon field availability, but games are often on Sundays and one other day during the week.  Tball and Farm divisions may have 1-2 practices per week and 1-2 games per week.  Minors and above will generally have at least 2 practices per week and 2 games per week.

Where are games and practices held?
Tball games are held at Junction on Tank Field
Farm games are held at Junction on Polen Field
Minors games are held at Junction on Collin Darrah Field, but sometimes at other locations if playing other local Little Leagues
Majors and Softball games are held at Junction on Swamp Field, but sometimes at other locations if playing other local Little Leagues
Practices are often at Junction as well for all age groups, however due to the number of teams sharing field time your Coaches may decide to hold practice at another local school field, such as North Cow Creek Elementary, Millville Elementary, Columbia Elementary, etc.

What equipment do I need to provide, and what is provided by the League?

The league will provide bats, helmets, uniforms (shirt and hat), and catchers gear.  You should provide a glove, cleats, water bottle, and remaining uniform items (pants, socks, belt).  Your Coach will tell you what color pants, socks, and belt to purchase to match the team.  A bag to hold gear is recommended, and many players wish to bring their own bat and helmet.

Do I have to volunteer?
Foothill Area Little League is made possible solely due to people volunteering.  Everyone should consider volunteering, we have many different volunteer options available, some with more or less time commitments.  We are always looking for more Board members, team Managers, Assistant Coaches, field prep, snack bar workers, and Scorekeepers.

How can I manage or coach a team?
All interested people should complete the manager or coach application form during the registration process.  If you miss that opportunity, you can also email us or message us on our Facebook page.  All applicants must pass background check.   

How do End of Season Tournaments Work?
Farm teams play a 2-day tournament at the end of the season over a Saturday through Sunday with all Foothill Area Little League teams.  Games are 45 minutes long and the team with the best record wins.  Minors and above play an elimination tournament within their division at the end of the season spread over approximately a week's timeframe against Foothill Area Little League teams.  Teams who win will go on to play other Little Leagues in the area who are in our District (i.e. East Redding, West Redding, Anderson, Shasta Dam, Cottonwood, Red Bluff, etc.).  

How does All Stars work?
All Stars is only held after the Spring season (not Fall) and is for Minors, Majors, Juniors, and Seniors divisions only.  At the end of the season, there is a voting process to determine the top choices to make the All Star teams.  All team Managers then assemble and review the votes and assemble the different teams.  If your player is chosen for All Stars there is a $25 registration fee to participate. Softball All Star games are typically held at the middle of June, Baseball All Star games toward the end of June into early July.  Games are hosted by different leagues throughout our District, so that means West Redding, East Redding, Anderson, Red Bluff, Cottonwood, Yreka, etc. could all volunteer to host All Star games.  (Foothill does not host All Star games because we don't have the field lights required to do so.)  Our District leaders create a bracket of when all teams will play, and they are double elimination tournaments (meaning if you lose your first 2 games you're out, or if you win, you keep playing until you lose twice).  If your All Star team is playing in Yreka for example, then you'll need to be in Yreka for as long as your team continues to win games, which is around a week's time.  If your player is selected for All Stars talk to your coach about these expectations and let them know right away if you are not able to commit.  When finalizing the teams, a copy of your Player's ORIGINAL Birth Certificate is required to verify eligibility - this will be reviewed and verified by the District before being returned to you.  All Stars players will receive a new uniform including hat and shirt, and may need to purchase different color pants, belt, and socks from their regular season uniform - your Coach will tell you what colors you need.

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