Manager/Coach - 

You must enter your own Scores and Pitch Counts Nightly or the next morning after your game for each game you play.  The score and game should not be POSTED until both Managers have entered their pitch counts.

PITCH COUNTS Must be entered prior to the next game start per LLI and FLLAA Rules.

Blue Sombrero requires the HOME TEAM to Enter Scores FIRST and then the Home Team Pitch Counts (at the same time).  The Pitch Counts can be corrected later if needed (should not be).

AWAY TEAM must enter their Pitch Counts but CANNOT do so until the HOME TEAM Enters the Score.

Again, Scores and Pitch counts must be inputted before the NEXT DAYS GAMES.  Playoffs must be performed immediately so the schedule can be updated.  Each Manager is listed as a Scores Admin.

1st you must log into your Blue Sombrero Account then follow the below pictures.   Be sure to use your browser to go back as these snapshots do not open in a new browser

1 - After Log In Click on TEAM CENTRAL tab and TEAM DIRECTORY in drop down

2 - Go to your TEAM HOME Page or directly to your CALENDAR

3 - Click on RESULTS Button

4- Click on the EDIT SCORES button for the game you want to load game scores and/or pitch counts for

5 - Home Team Enter Score and Pitch Counts

6 - Away Team Follow Same and Enter Pitch Counts (Home Team Must Enter Score First)

7 - Save and Post Scores and Pitch Counts

8 - You can change and Edit pitch counts and scores if inaccurate information was loaded. To Change or UPDATE a score you must first UNPOST the Score, edit it and then re POST and SAVE the Score.

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