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Burlington Little League

A (coach pitch, ages 5-8)

This is also known as "coach pitch" and is for players age 5-7 that have played at least one year of Rookie Level (T-ball) or for 8 year olds with no other experience.

“A” League is instructional and all players should have an opportunity to play all positions in the field throughout the season (unless there is a safety issue, which would be addressed with parents). This league will build upon the skills learned in T-Ball to continue the advancement of the basic concepts and mechanics of baseball.  Games will generally last 3 innings; all players will have an opportunity to bat in a game; a continuous batting order will be used. On defense, players will have the opportunity to record outs. 

In addition to baseball-specific skills, players will also learn how to be part of a team (such as how respect for teammates, coaches, other players; how wait their turn; and how to show good sportsmanship).

  • All players will experience equal playing time
  • Expectations - All players will be instructed in how to:
    • Properly grip ball
    • Throw and hop step throw
    • Catch – Glove position above and below waist 
    • Field a grounder
    • Base coverage
    • Bat grip
    • Batter stance
    • Swinging at pitch
    • Base Running.  Emphasis on running through 1stbase.   
  • Kids should have fun, respect coaches and players and should improve throughout the season