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Burlington Little League

AA (kid pitch, ages 7-9)

This division, sometimes called "kid pitch", will focus on players pitching and learning to hit live pitching in order to prepare them for the upper divisions. Coaches may pitch on occasion to keep the game moving along. There are walks and strikeouts, but no base stealing. Intended for ages 7-8 with A Division experience or age 9 players needing more time to develop. 
At this level, coaches will work on baseball-specific skill development with an emphasis on teamwork. Coaches will also begin to instruct in position-specific skills (such as catching, 1st base, outfield play) and teach more advanced baseball plays. Coaches are encouraged to try players at various positions, but not all players may play all positions.

Scores are kept but there are no standings. The batting order is continuous and nine players play the field.