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Burlington Little League

AAA (ages 8-11)

This is an instructional league for players ages 8-11, but it is also the first "competitive" level of Burlington Little League baseball. This is the first level where umpires will officiate the game; calling balls, strikes and outs. Limited base stealing is allowed. Scores and standings will be kept and there will be playoffs resulting in a league champion.

All players ages 9-11 (who have not yet been placed on a Major League team) must attend an evaluation/tryout to determine their level of skill. Players age 9-11 will be drafted onto a team, and 8 year olds with AA experience may also tryout. However, 8 year olds may be taken only if needed to complete roster spots at the AAA level (the number of 8 year olds qualified/needed varies each year). 
There is a continuous batting order (all players on the roster go to bat, regardless of whether they are currently playing in the field), but offensive innings stop at three outs. Players will play at least 3 innings per game defensively. Coaches are encouraged to teach players the skills for different positions, but safety and player skills will be taken into account on position assignment and playing time. Players are expected to commit to attending practices and games in order to keep up with the skills and advancements made by their teammates.