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Crown Colony Baseball has four divisions for children aged 12 and under.  Our philosophy for each division is to prepare your child for the next level by teaching the fundamentals of baseball, team play and respect.  Our primary goal is to give the children the best possible experience through learning and achievement.  We expect all kids, parents, coaches and officials to treat others with respect as this fosters the best experience for the players.

At Crown, we LOVE baseball and seeing kids learn the game.  To that end, we believe in teaching the fundamentals of baseball.  We scrutinize our coaches to ensure they are prepared to constantly teach players so they can improve and enjoy the experience of learning new skills at each level.

Crown Colony is a community with many active members and parents have a part to play also.  Coaches and other league volunteers work hard to provide a positive experience for the kids.  Parents should do their part by getting kids to practice and notifying coaches as early as possible when they will be late or absent.  Encouraging children by saying something like "I loved watching you play today" is what makes them love playing the game.  Your kids get the most enjoyment from playing when they see that YOU are happy and engaged.  Always keep that in mind and bring your grievance to a Board Member privately.

Ripken Baseball offers two leagues for play.

American League teams are formed through a tryout process that assesses player abilities. After tryouts, coaches participate in a draft with a goal to form evenly matched teams.  All players are placed on teams unless the coaches feel the kids ability puts them at risk for harm which is exceedingly rare.  These teams play a majority (or all) of their games against each other at Crown's field a majority (or all) of the time.  All star teams are formed at the end of the season by selecting players from all the AL teams.  These teams than compete in tournaments hosted through the valley by other leagues and/or Utah State Cal Ripken Baseball.

National League teams are competitive, traveling teams that compete against other leagues in the area.  These teams generally come to Crown completely formed with a coaching staff.  Crown hosts one home game each week and they play one away game at the other leagues in the valley.  NL teams stay together and play in All Star tournaments as a team.

T-Ball / Quickball Division (Ages 6 & Under)

T-ball or Quickball is an exciting first chance for kids to experience baseball.  Baseball is a team sport and we encourage our coaches to teach T-ballers proper fielding and hitting.  After a year or two of T-ball, these youngsters will be in the Pee-Wee's where they will need to play a position and work with teammates to make outs.  To that end, we recently launched a new program called Quickball that is fast paced and keeps the kids engaged in various stations learning fundamentals and still giving parents and grandparents a chance to watch and cheer them on.  In this program we teach the kids to play positions, learn the right throwing fundamentals, and get used to hitting a live ball.  We love watching these little ones learn and have fun!  Click here to learn more! 

T-ball Rules

Pee-Wee Division (Ages 7 & 8)

Kids really get to show off their skills in the Pee-Wee Division.  After the first two weeks, kids throw every pitch.  Coaches only pitch one or two innings per game during the first two weeks of the season so that players can learn to throw accurately at practice. The teams really look organized now as they play their positions and hit live pitches.  These 7 and 8 year-olds are playing real baseball to learn the skills they will need for the Minor's!

Pee-Wee Rules

Minor Division (Ages 9 & 10)

At this age, you can really tell how much your player has learned during their years at Crown.  Pitchers are throwing strikes, batters are getting hits and fielders are making strong throws in the field.  Batters are getting stronger and you might even see a Home Run or two during the season!

Minor Rules

Major Division (Ages 11 & 12)

This the pinnacle of baseball at Crown.  The kids have learned so much since they started off in T-ball.  Home Runs are frequent and the kids play with a "live ball" where leading off and stealing are allowed.  There are some real special players here and the teams work together and encourage each other to win.  The learning doesn't end here just because their time at Crown is near an end.  Coaches will continue to teach and prepare these "tweens" to play baseball for years to come!

Major Rules

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