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Quickball Rules


Quickball is designed for diamond sport rookies, introducing the youngest players to the game. It brings more activity and less standing around. Quickball provides a positive experience for entry level players and their families to fall in love with the game. Crown has found that this program has resulted in better skill development as players continue to grow into baseball and move up in age divisions better than tee ball, which was retired in 2019.

Players can expect to…

Learn the fundamentals - Foot cutouts, position cards and curriculum teach rookies the basics.

Master your skills - Skill stations are the perfect platform to show your diamond prowess.

Fast-paced play - Constant action keeps players engaged and active while developing confidence & game skills.

Crown Colony runs an 8-10 week program over the course of the regular season which extends from April to June. Each session will last 90 minutes which includes skills development and mini games. Runs and game scores are not counted. There are no practices. There are no division standings, playoffs or all-star tournament play at the end of the season.



  • All players will go through quickball stations for first half of the allotted 'game' time and a fun game will follow.
  • Game - all kids bat once through, kids play specific positions.  If they don't hit after 3-4 tries they just swing and run. 

More info below
Stations week by week
Field Diagram 
Station Diagram
Week 1 guide
Week 2 guide


  • All hitters will hit the ball from a batting tee.  The tee should be adjusted to such a height the batter will be able to swing level.
  • All rostered players present for the game shall bat in order.
  • There is no bunting.
  • An inning is over when five (5) players have batted or three outs are made, whichever comes first.  The fifth batter of the inning, once reaching first base safely, must continue to circle the bases until he or she is either tagged out or scores, either of which will end the inning.
  • Batting helmets must be used at bat and as base runners.
  • No stealing or leading off is permitted.



  • All players are on the field at any one time, including a catcher.
  • The coaches may be stationed in the grass in order to provide instruction to all defensive players.
  • The coaches stationed in the field will also act as umpires.



  • A regulation game is three (3) innings.
  • Time limit for game is 45 minutes.
  • Score will be kept during the game and shown on the scoreboard.
  • Pitchers are discouraged from running directly at the runner. They are encouraged to throw the ball to the correct base and make the out.
  • Runners can only advance one base on an error or overthrow.
  • A called game is complete if three (3) innings are completed. (Typically we play 4 innings so each batter gets 2 turns at bat. If there is time and the coaches agree, they may go the full six innings)


If a team makes an out at any time during the game, be sure the batter/runner goes back to the bench.

Big congratulations here for the out as that is what we are trying to teach and it doesn't happen all that often!

The biggest thing is that we remember it's just a game and it's about the kids having fun!!

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