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Playing By The Rules


-Teams are allowed to pick up a maximum of two (2) players. Those players must bat last and are allowed to play anywhere defensively, EXCEPT pitcher. The only caveat to this is if a team is in need of a pitcher, then they are allowed to pick one up. Furthermore: to clarify, if you have eight (8) players that day, you are allowed to pick up two (2) players. If you have nine (9) players that day, you are only allowed to pick up one (1) player.

-All bats must be ASA certified (MUST have ASA stamp). NO Senior League bats or Ultra II's. If an illegal bat is used, it will result in an immediate team forfeit, and the particular player using the illegal bat will be disqualified from the league.

-Courtesy runners must be declared pregame to the umpire. Please note a courtesy runner may be used only when someone is hurt and cannot physically run around the base path. A courtesy runner will be the last batted out. If a player is injured during the game and requires a courtesy runner that will be allowed (umpires judgement).

-Batters will begin each at-bat with a (2-2) count. There is ONE "courtesy foul"; a second foul ball will result in an out.

-If the softball hits the plate, it is a “BALL”, the pitch must hit the "plate extension/rubber mat" to be a called strike.

-The pitching arc must be a minimum of six (6) feet from the ground, with a ten (10) foot maximum. If the pitch is "illegal", the umpire will call it mid-pitch. If the batter swings, it is considered a LIVE ball. An illegal pitch is a “BALL”.

-Baserunners are responsible for avoiding collisions on close plays at the plate. The runner is NOT required to slide, but must avoid "malicious contact". This will be at the judgment of the umpire.

-No Mercy Rule. Games will be one (1) hour or seven (7) innings. Please note if a team is ahead by 15+ runs in the fourth (4th) inning or later, the team batting will not be allowed to bat around.

-Post-Season Tournament Eligibility: Players must play a total of five (5) regular season games to remain eligible.

-Only ASA approved yellow 12" 52/300 softballs will be allowed.

-Vulgar language is prohibited. It is the umpire’s judgement if a warning or ejection is issued. If ejected, that player is an out in the lineup. Also, the umpire also has the authority to eject fans as well. Coaches, please handle all unruly spectators so the umpire does not.

-Infield Fly rule is in effect.


-TIME LIMIT- All games are 60-minutes or seven (7) innings. That said, NO new inning will begin after 55-minutes. The time limit will apply for all playoff games except the semi-finals and championship game. During championship game, a full game will consist of seven (7) innings.

-OFFICIAL GAME - Seven innings will constitute an official game, unless time limit (1-Hour) or rain prevails. Five (5) innings is an official game (4½ if the home team is ahead). If an incomplete game is postponed while in progress, it will pick up where it left off.

-Additionally, each team will hit their own softball. Before each contest, make sure you give the opposing pitcher a legal ASA softball. In the case of foul balls, home runs, etc., the team batting is responsible for "throwing the ball in" to the opposing pitcher.

-For safety purposes, close plays at the plate, the plate extension/mat IS a part of plate only for runners/offensive players. Runners may touch the extension/mat to avoid contact, which encourages player safety. That said, the catcher still must touch the plate itself to record an out on force-outs.

-Line-up card to the umpire before each game (This also includes doubleheaders. If you play a doubleheader, you must turn in two separate lineup cards). This will help determine who is eligible for the post season tournament.



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