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Nov, 2020

Change in fee structure

On November 1st Almaden Little league opened up registration for the coming 2021 spring ball season.  The league voted unanimously to increase the league dues across all of our divisions. TBall and Coach Toss is now $225 and every other division is $295.  This is up $75 and $45 respectively. 

This decision was made with the long term health of the league in mind.  The league hasn't increased fees for many years, meanwhile we have seen a substantial increase in field usage, equipment, and uniform fees from our vendors.  The lion's share of increase comes from the increase in field usage fees from San Jose Unified School District. 

It's helpful to compare league dues to other leagues in our district.  We have data on 6 of the 9 other leagues in our district.  After the fee increase Almaden Little League ranks 5th in cost when comparing the Majors division and 4th in cost when comparing TBall.  

League TBall Fee 
 Los Gatos $395
Willow Glenn  $250
Lincoln Glenn  $225
 Almaden $225
 Cambrian Park $180
Union $175
San Jose American  $100 

 League Majors Fee
 Los Gatos $425
 Union $350
 Lincoln Glenn $350
 Willow Glenn $325
 Almaden  $295
San Jose American  $275
 Cambrian Park  $230

This fee was increased with the optimism that 2021 will operate with the same expenses as before, meaning a normal little league season is expected.  If things change due to covid, we will change our fee structure in response.  

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