Almaden Little League offers 2 seasons to register for.  Our Spring season runs from February through May and registration opens in November and runs through December.  Our Fall season runs from September to early November and registration opens in July.


To register, please sign in to your account by clicking the "login" in the top right hand side of this page.  If you don't have have an account, please click the "register" button to create one.

Once you sign in, you'll be redirected to you Account page.  

If you haven't already done so, please add your child as a participant, by clicking "add player".  Please double check your child's birthday is correct, the divisions you are able to enroll hinge on your child's birthday.

From here you can select the division and follow the prompts to complete the process.

Additional Information

To learn about our baseball and softball divisions, including details about how much time commitment is required, click here

To learn about our baseball seasons click here

To learn about our softball seasons click here

If your child is in our upper division they must attend an evaluation and be drafted onto a team.  Please click on the appropriate links to learn more.

Lastly, it's expected that parents volunteer, please read more about that here.

Registration FAQs

1. Can my child play up a division?
  - Yes.  If you want your child to play in a different division, please email [email protected].  It's often the case that more advanced players will play up.  However, we don't offer that as a part of the registration process because it's far too easy to join a higher division without understanding the implications.

2. Can my child play with their friends
- Yes.  We honor buddy requests to the best of our ability for all divisions in the fall and for divisions that don't require a draft in the spring.  Please be sure to include that information in the registration forms.  

3. Can I play in Almaden if I don't live in Almaden
  - Yes.  Little League has strict boundaries.  However, if you don't live in the area there are still ways to play in Almaden.  If your child goes to school in Almaden they are automatically eligible to play in Almaden.  Little League also provides a waiver process that allows for exceptions, please email [email protected] for more information.
  - It should be noted that our softball boundary is roughly all of west San Jose, please email [email protected] if you want to find out more.

4. Once I register, when will I find out which team my child is on.
- This varies from season to season and depends on when our drafts are for each division.  Once teams are formed our coaches are instructed to email you with a day or two.

5. Can I find out when my child's practices and games will be
- Schedules are created after the registration window closes because they are dependent on our volunteer coaching staff and their schedules.  Once the coaches have their schedules, we encourage our coaches to inform you as quickly as possible.  Also, in the fall, it is not uncommon to have sunday games so there isn't a conflict with soccer.

Local Sponsors

Almaden Baseball and Softball Little League

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