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The Draft

Drafts are required in softball divisions 10u and higher and in baseball divisions AA and higher.  Teams are formed by a draft because it's the best way to create a set of balanced teams.  Little league International prescribes the methodology we use in Almaden Little League.


The number and size of teams are dictated by the number of players enrolled in a division and number of coaches who volunteer to take a team.  Each division has an assigned Player Rep and they, in partnership with the coaching coordinator, the appropriate VP, and the President of the league, are responsible for constructing the structure of the divisions.  Team size ranges from 10 to 12.  In the cases where we only have 1 or 2 teams, we may exceed that range.


Players attend evaluations and coaches assess the talent to create their preferred draft order.  Shortly after the evaluations the coaches meet to draft and form their teams, all of which is facilitated by Board members.  

Coaches are free to draft whomever they please and for whatever reason they deem important to them.  The league understands that there are additional factors besides ability why a player might be drafted, e.g. a player played for the coach previously, parents are willing to help or volunteer, the player is a family friend, etc..

Shortly after a coach drafts a player, the parents will be notified by their manager and informed of their first practice time.  If you do not hear from a manager within a weeks time, it's highly likely your child was placed on a 8u softball team or AA baseball team.  These teams are formed about a week after the draft.  Once these teams are constructed and coaches are informed of their teams, those coaches reach out to the parents to welcome them to the team and inform them of their first practice time.

Please note: Which round a kid is selected in the draft is confidential.

Will My Kid Get Drafted?

The total number of kids drafted is the product of the number of teams and the team size.  For example, If there are 4 coaches and 12 players per team the league will draft 48 players.  If there are 60 players signed up for the division, 12 players will move down one division.  If that pushes them down to AAA or 10u they have the opportunity to be drafted in that division.  However, based upon the players age, there is the possibility the player may be moved down another division.  For example, a 10 year old can tryout for Majors, but not get selected for a Majors team or a AAA team, and therefore they will be placed on a AA team.

Players on the top end of the age classification for that division will not be moved down, unless the Board deems it necessary.  That means 12 year olds must be drafted in 12u softball or in Major's baseball.   Similarly, 11 year olds will be drafted in 10u and AAA.

We understand that players and parents rarely want their kid to not get drafted nor moved down to a lower division.  But this is always a possibility for every player.  Over the years Little League has found that kids that get dropped down a division end up having a fantastic season filled with the same joy, fun, and camaraderie once they get into the rhythm of the season.

It is important to note that refunds will not be granted due to the division the league places the child in.  Should you choose to cancel your registration because your child moved into a lower division, you will forfeit your registration fees.

Juniors / Seniors / Intermediates

Juniors is for kids 13 - 15 and plays on the "Big Diamond".  Little League does not allow player-age 13 year olds to play in Majors.  In the case the league doesn't have space, we will attempt to find a team for your child in a different league, or offer a full refund.



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