Almaden Little League offers fall ball for both baseball and sofball.


Fall ball is typically a laid back, skills focused season.  It isn’t competitive and the season allows for the kids to have some fun playing ball and keep their skill sharp for the much more competitive spring season.  If your player is on the border between two divisions we recommend you play up a division because the fall ball season is less competitive.  

Sign ups from late July through Mid August. And the Season runs from mid September to early November.

Depending on the division practices are once or twice a week and games are once a week scheduled for either Saturday or Sunday.  Game schedules depend on how the district builds the schedule.  Because fewer people enroll in fall ball all of the leagues in the district play each other. 

The league provides fields to practice on & uniforms, which includes a hat and a jersey. 

For baseball, there are no drafts for the teams.  They are constructed through coach and buddy requests.  We do our best to accommodate all requests.  Kids without either get slotted to a team with space available.


Softball in the fall operates slightly differently than baseball.  We find the only way for us to play softball in the fall is to join tournaments that play on both Saturday and Sunday.  Tournaments aren't played every weekend.  The coach decides which tournaments to join and additional costs are required for the tournaments as they are run by for-profit businesses.  Sometimes travel is required to play the tournament.  These tournaments are competitive in nature. 

In addition to the tournaments the league and coaches try to schedule price effective 'friendlies' to keep the girls playing ball.   


In the fall we are offer the following divisions:

(if we have enough girls to offer higher level of play, we will)

Single A -- machine/coach pitch targeted at players ages 6-7
AA--first division with kid pitch and targeting players ages 7-8
AAA--targeting players ages 9-10
Majors--targeting players ages 11-12
Juniors--targeting players ages 13-15


 If you have any questions please contact us at [email protected]

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