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District Administrator

Brian Weseman has been the South Carolina District 3 Administrator since September 2014.  Prior to that, Brian served as a League President for three years and a concession manager for two years prior to that.  Currently, Brian is also the Vice President of the South Carolina Little League State Board as well as a member of FOSER (Friends of the Southeast Region).
 Assistant District Administrator - Secretary

Barbra Davis joined the District Staff in 2018 as District Secretary.  Barbra has several children that have participated at Irmo Little League over the past several years.  She has served on the Irmo Little League board since 19**.  She is currently the Secretary for Irmo Little League also.
 District Umpire in Chief

Tim Derrick joined the District Staff in 2018 as the Umpire in Chief.  Tim have been a Little League umpire since 19** and has server Irmo Little League as an Umpire in Chief.  Tim's knowledge of Little League, rules, regulations and tournaments have helped him be a successful Little League volunteer as a Manager, Umpire and Board Member.

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