Little League Softball


The Little League International tournament is operated by Little League International with District Administrators operating the District and State Tournaments.  The Little League Tournament is for players that are league age 10, 11 and 12 during the spring season of the current year.

Typical Timeline:

Announcement of Team Members:  Leagues may announce their Little LeagueTournament Team starting June 1st of the current year, provided the league/players have met all eligibility requirements.  Leagues/Teams announcing prior to this date may not be allowed to participate in the tournaments.

District Tournament:  Leagues may enter only one (1) team into the District Tournament by chartering through the Little League Data Center and paying the team charter fees.  The District Administrator will set the date each year based upon the State Tournament date.  As a guideline, this tournament is typically held mid-June.  District Tournament locations are set each year at one of the leagues within the District.

State Tournament:  The District Champion is allowed to advance to the State Tournament.  he State Tournament is rotated between the Districts of South Carolina each year.  The location and date of the State Tournament will be set by the District Administrators each year.  This tournament typically occurs mid-July.

Regional Tournament:  The Regional Tournament provides the opportunity for each State Champion to participate in a tournament with the champions from the other states of the Southeast Region.  This is an eight (8) team tournament, is held in Warner Robins, GA the end of July.

World Series Tournament:  The World Series Tournament is the highlight of the summer for sixteen (16) teams from across the world and all those that watch the games in person and/or on ESPN.  The Champion of the Southeast Regional Tournament advances to the Little League World Series.  This tournament starts early August.

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