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Get Involved with your local league

The best way to stay connected is to get involved.  Local Little League programs are operated by volunteers, and they are always looking for more help.  There are so many opportunities that your skills could be used for.
  • Work in Concessions
  • Be a Team Mom/Dad to assist the coach outside of the dugout
  • Mow the field
  • Drag/Rake/Line the field
  • Organize events and activities
  • Announce games
  • Join the Local League Board of Directors
  • Umpire
  • Coach

Many lifelong memories and friendships come from the Little League community.  Reach out to your local league to find out how you can volunteer.  The process starts with a Volunteer Application and Background Check.  Once approved, your opportunities are endless.

Parent Connections

Just like everything else, changes and innovations are always happening in Little League. Stay up to date will all Little League International news and events by signing up for the Parent Connection newsletter.  The Parent Connection is a monthly email from Little League International specifically designed for parents and families of Little Leaguers.  This is simple and great way to keep up to date on rules/regulation changes, equipment, events, training, and upcoming changes.

Sign up for the Parent Connection Newsletter today!

What you hear when you aren't coaching from the sidelines


The concept of "Silent Saturdays" is an annual focus on my kids' youth soccer calendar. It's typically a day on the schedule that is highly promoted to parents and coaches. The idea is for parents to sit on the sidelines and watch the game. And to let the children playing on the field participate free of commentary. No cheers, no encouragement, and, most importantly, no coaching.

It's an incredibly simplistic idea, but I've always been amazed at the change in the emotional atmosphere of the game experience. During that one game, you see the kids more clearly because you can truly hear them and only them. Read More ...

When cheering on your kids, know your role!

Imagine the perfect summer day. The sun is out, the birds are chirping. And a bunch of 7-year-olds are scurrying about a ball field, trying to hit, run, throw, and catch, all the while smiling and giggling and doing what 7-year-olds do. But then the game gets tense. Parents and coaches started chirping at each other, at the players, and at the umpire. A call is missed. Then another. The situation worsens.

The umpire, a 13-year-old, warns both coaches and their fans. Yet, the tension escalates. Parents are dropping curse words and pointing fingers trying to get others thrown out. Finally, it all breaks loose. Coaches argue. Parents get into it with one another. And it ends in a fight that goes viral. Five people are arrested. Two are suspended from their jobs. And Cordova, when interviewed after the game, said   Read more....

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