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Little League Essentuals

Whether you are new to Little League or have been involved for a while, there are many resources available to you.  While there are a lot of things that we could share with you, the items below will cover some of the basics of Little League to help you out.

If you have other questions, your local league is a great place to start.  However, if you don't have a local league or have already talked with them, SC District 3 is here to help.  Simply contact us via email with your question(s).

League Age

One of the first things you need to know for your Little League player is their League Age.  The League Age is used to determine which divisions they can participate in.  The League Age is not always their current age.
  • Baseball: Age of the player as of August 31st of the current year.
  • Softball: Age of the player as of December 31st of the previous year.
Use the Little League Age Calculator to help determine the League Age of your player(s)

Home League

Determining where you should play Little League is very easy.  Eash league has a defined boundary.  Any player that lives withing the league boundaries or goes to school within the league boundaries, is eligible to play at that League.  To find your Home Legue, use the Little League - League Finder.

There are some special situations that occur with boundaries.
1. If there is no Little League program that your player(s) reside or go to school within the boundaries, but there is another league close enough to you to participate in, please contact us for guidance of how to make that happen.
2. If you are within a Little League boundary but you want to play at a different league due to proximity, friendships, etc. you should contact the Home League that you reside in to explain the situation.  You can ask them to request a Waiver to be able to play in another league.  The Waiver will need to be review and approved by Little League after the Home League submits the request.


Having the right equipment not only will help your player succeed but will keep them safe and ensure that they are meeting the equipment rules and regulations of Little League.  The League you register with will provide the basic uniform.  Each player typically needs a glove, bat, and batting helmet.  Players wanting to play the position of catcher will need additional equipment.  Be sure to check with your Home League to see what equipment they provide.

Ball Glove
Most players will need basic field glove.  There are several variations of gloves, but for beginners a fielding glove will work best.

For the Little League (Majors) division and below, only rubber-soled cleats are allowed.  For the Intermediate division and above, metal cleats are allowed.

Batting Helmet
All batters must wear a NOCSAE certified batting helmet that is in good condition.

For the Little League (Majors) Baseball division and below, bats must have the USA Baseball logo on it, indicating that it mees the USA Bat Standard.
For Intermediate Baseball and above, the bat may either have the USA Baseball logo or be labeled as BBCOR
For all Softball, the bat must be stamped with a BPF 1.20

Find more Bat Information

Catcher Equipment
Catchers must wear shin/leg protectors, a chest pad, and a catchers' helmet with a dangling throat guard.

For more information on equipment, see "What Parents, Local Leagues need to Know about Equipping a Little Leager"

Leagues in Distirct

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