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Cedar Stars Academy Mission Statement

"Successful People lead to Successful Players, and Successful Players lead to Successful Teams" 

Our mission statement is focused on a key word: Success. 

Success comes in many different forms other than winning and losing. Our definition of Success is focused on the whole person. That's why we are not only developing the players' love of the sport and increasing their skills and knowledge, but we are also helping them socially with characteristics such as respect, responsibility and integrity. 

Successful People:

Soccer often mirrors life.  Both are sometimes unfair, and both demand respect, honesty and teamwork. With this determination, both will reward hard work.  We work every day with our players to teach technique, skill and understanding within the sport of soccer, but we are also focused on the players and how they interact with their coaches, teammates and parents.  We teach each player to shake hands with their coach before each practice, we teach respect for our teammates, and we teach gratitude for the sacrifices that parents, coaches and mentors have made in order for them to be a part of CSA. You don’t have to be a great soccer player to be a great person, but you do have to be a good person to be a CSA soccer player, and we see this as an important measurement of success.

Successful Players:

Developing successful players is our passion. We focus on development of an individual and the skills necessary to succeed at both their current level, and higher levels of the game they will eventually graduate to. We set high expectations our players must focus on and work towards in order to achieve.  Our mission is to light a fire in these young players so they go out and work on their own, realizing that practice with their team is good, but they must work on their own to become great.

Successful Teams:

As successful people become successful players, these successful players will develop into successful teams. Successful teams play technical soccer and work together towards a common goal.  Our first question as directors after a game is not ‘Did you win?’, but rather ‘How did the team play?’.  Our hope is that wins and losses are a result of playing the right way, but we realize this is not always the case.  Successful teams will learn how to be gracious in defeat, humble in victory and learn how to be a good teammate within a team structure.

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