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Required Paperwork

Please make sure you have completed the following or you will not be allowed to train...

1. Physical Exam
2. Concussion Test (instructions below)
4. Player information form -

If you have any questions please let me know. 

Thank you,
Jim Wandling
St. Benedict's Prep Soccer
Varsity Head Coach

Concussion Testing

As a part of St. Benedict’s Preparatory School Athletics efforts to provide a safe and healthy environment for our student-athletes we require concussion testing, in accordance with New Jersey state laws, to all who participate in a sport at St. Benedict’s Prep; this applies to the upper and lower divisions.

The test that will be administered is called the ImPACT test which is done electronically. We will now have all students test remotely. This test needs to be done every two years. This means that if you take it in 7th grade you will take it again your freshman year and then again your junior year. For those who transfer, the test will still be done every two years; your following test will be performed based on which grade you first enrolled at St. Benedict’s Prep.

This test does not need to be done for every sport you play within a school year. If you play two sports you will only take the test for the sport that is in-season first.

All fall, winter, and spring student-athletes will take this test. There are no sports that are excluded from taking this test. Per our current policy, those who have not completed the concussion test (along with their other medical requirements) prior to their first practice will not be able to participate in their sport until their baseline testing and medical requirements are complete.

Enclosed are the instructions on how to take the test. It is to be taken seriously; any results that come back invalid will result in the student having to take the test again.

Thank you for your cooperation. Jihan Dodson, MBA, ATC


ImPACT needs to be taken every two years. Normally this would be 7th grade, freshman and junior years. Please try to keep this in mind when taking the test so that the test is up to date.

To ensure a valid test, please follow these instructions. It is very important that you are able to fully concentrate during the entire test. Poor performance will result in an invalid test and will require a retake!

  • Set aside 30 minutes in a quiet room with no distractions to take the test.

  • No headphones or cell phone use during the test. Turn off any televisions, radio, or anything else that can produce background noise.

  • Tell siblings and family members about the importance of the test to avoid interruptions or distractions.

  • Note the test will begin by asking you background questions called the “demographic” section. There are 6 test sections called “modules.” These include word memory, design memory, Xs and Os, symbol match, color word match and three letters.

  • Take your time to read each section’s instructions very carefully. Each module is self-explanatory. It is common to perform the color word match module incorrectly, please read the section’s instructions thoroughly.

  • Other than the initial demographic section, do not ask anyone to help you with your performance during the test, such as assistance with memory questions, etc. Do not write anything down during the test to aid memory.

  • You must use a standard external mouse. You may not use a finger mouse pad (ie: laptop mouse), a Track mouse, or anything other than a standard mouse.

  • Minimum computer requirements:

    1. Make sure you are using Internet Explorer 9 or above, or Firefox 27 or above, or Chrome 34 or above, or Safari 6 or above.

    2. You must have Macromedia FLASH PLAYER 11.0 or newer installed. You can download FLASH PLAYER at

    3. Your browser must accept cookies

    4. JavaScript must be enabled

    5. If you have a pop up blocker installed, you must turn it off for the duration of the test

    6. Close all other programs on your computer before taking the test

    7. You need a broadband internet connection

    8. The screen must be 12 inches or larger

    9. If you are running Windows 7, make sure power management is set to High

      Performance; otherwise performance may be slowed negating test scoring

  • To take the baseline test, go to

  • Enter the customer code: TGT8PBTNHY click validate (St. Benedict’s Prep School should show underneath) and then click “Launch Baseline Test” You will then be directed to the test. Make sure that pop-ups are allowed or you will be redirected back to the previous page.

  • Your test results are not displayed once you are finished (all results are password protected).

  • Please note our contract with ImPACT does not allow for unlimited baseline tests. Please do not allow others to take an additional test.

  • If you do not have access to the Internet or a home computer that meets the above requirements contact Jihan Dodson at [email protected] to arrange a testing time at school.

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