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SlugFest Slugging Champions
Congratulations to the slugging winners for the 2019 SDLL SlugFest, winners are as follows:

Champion – Joe Griffin (Toronto Blue Jays)

2nd Place – Jack Brodeur (Baltimore Orioles)

3rd Place – Jackson Evans (Chicago Cubs)

Champion – NJ Uhlenberg (Houston Astros)

2nd Place – Benjamin Bernard (Washington Nationals)

3rd Place – Lucas Bartosik (Colorado Rockies)

Champion – Kendrick Hall (Baltimore Orioles)

2nd Place – Patrick Dean (Baltimore Orioles) and Malachi Lloyd (Tampa Bay Rays)

3rd Place – Christian Arellano (Detroit Tigers)

Champion – Charlie Stepanek (Houston Astros) & Ryan Thurman (Boston Red Sox)

2nd Place – Michael Ferrell (Chicago Cubs)

3rd Place – Abraham Lakis (Chicago Cubs), Brady Hoots (Boston Red Sox) & David Fitch (Houston Astros)


Champion – Benson Pittelko (LA Dodgers)

2nd Place –  Matthew Zapotoczny (LA Dodgers)

3rd Place – Andrew Kahl (Atlanta Braves)


Players in SDLL Sponsor Marco’s Pizza Cheesy Bread Club (Hit Dinger, Win a Free Cheesy Bread):

Jack Brodeur (Majors – Baltimore Orioles)
Joe Griffin (Majors – Toronto Blue Jays) 
Will Pavlicek (Majors - St. Louis Cardinals)
Noah Prince (Majors - Chicago Cubs)

Slugfest Fundraising Winners

Team goal ($1000+) Achieved:  Dodgers (Rookie, Coach Steve Zapotoczny), Nationals (Rookie, Coach Jim Walker), Astros (A, Coach Phil Holmes), Cubs (A, Coach Dante Ferrell), Cardinals (AA, Coach Blake Norris), Cubs (AA, Coach Tim McGeary), Rays (AA, Coach Darren Howell), Athletics (AAA, Coach Ryan Kelly), Astros (AAA, Coach Steve Canterbury), Nationals (AAA, Coach Kyle Richardson), Rockies (AAA, Coach Jamie Clegg), Yankees (AAA, Coach Kenny Maloney), Orioles (Majors, Coach Chris Casey), Cardinals (Majors, Coach Leo Fitzsimmons), Astros (Majors, Coach Tom Hickey), Cubs (Majors, Coach Mike Prince), Blue Jays (Majors, Coach Lamont Cannon)

T-Ball Team Goal ($200+) Achieved:  Orioles (Coach Rich Dixon), Rockies (Coach Matt Evans), Rays (Coach Liz Goodmon), Dodgers (Coach Chad Harrell), Angels (Coach Blake Norris)

Teams with 100% Participation:   Astros (A, Coach Phil Holmes), Cubs (A, Coach Dante Ferrell), Cardinals (AA, Coach Blake Norris), Orioles (Majors, Coach Chris Casey), Cardinals (Majors - Coach Leo Fitzsimmons), Blue Jays (Majors, Coach Lamont Cannon), Cubs (Majors – Coach Mike Prince)

Team raising the most money:  Athletics (AAA, Coach Ryan Kelly)

Teams giving the Athletics a run for their $$$$$:  Blue Jays (Majors, Coach Lamont Cannon) & Astros (A, Coach Phil Holmes)

T-Ball Team raising the most money:  Rockies (Coach Matt Evans)

Top Fundraisers for SlugFest (Durham Bulls SDLL Field of Dreams Team June 15th, one free ticket and Bulls Bucks):  Bryant Pippitt (Rookie - Nationals), Matthew Zapotoczny (Rookie – Dodgers), Samuel Thomas & Charlie Stepanek (A – Astros), Carllie Degraffenreid (A – Cubs), Campbell Blackburn (AA – Rays), Sidney Pareira, Hudson Zoubek & Hudson Kelly (AAA – Athletics), Bodhi Chapman & William Choi (AAA – Yankees), Anthony Landano (AAA – Astros), Frankie Gilchrist & Isaiah Miller (Majors – Blue Jays), Myles Zapotoczny (Majors – Cardinals), Conner Winstead (Majors – Astros)

The SDLL players raised a phenomenal $32542 dollars for SlugFest 2019.  We are extremely proud of the players and their commitment to their little league as well as humbled by the generosity of the South Durham Little League community and its fans.

Many thanks to the SDLL community for this fundraising grand slam!


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