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T-Ball Frequently Asked Questions


TBALL Q1:    
Can players request to play on the same team?

TBALL A1:     For all divisions, SDLL will put siblings who evaluate to the same division on the same team. For Tee Ball ONLY, SDLL will attempt to honor requests by the player’s family to be on a specific team, play with another player, or be with a certain coach.


TBALL Q2:      What equipment will my player need?

TBALL A2:     SDLL will provide each player with a team jersey, a baseball cap, and baseball socks. Please make sure your player’s name is printed in his or her hat (as the league has no replacement hats) along with any other personal equipment.  In addition to these items, your player should have gray baseball pants, a belt (if playing in the SPRING, your coach will inform you if a specific color is recommended – if playing in the FALL, the belt color is black), a fielder’s glove, a water bottle and an athletic supporter and cup. We encourage all players to wear cleats, though they are not required.  If you already have spikes from soccer or lacrosse, those will be fine.  

SDLL will provide baseball bats and batting helmets for each team, though you are welcome to provide your own.  If purchasing a bat, please go to the Little League® bat standard to learn about Little League® bat requirements. 

The league has a shop day at Dick’s Sporting Goods at the start of the season where all goods purchased are 20% with coupon when shopping in the Durham New Hope Commons store only (located near 15/501 and I-40).  The League e-mails and posts the information to its website, including the coupon, and Facebook page.  Again, coupon 20% off entire purchase, including baseball and softball as well as non-baseball and softball goods.  

Used baseball equipment may also be purchased at Play It Again Sports in New Hope Commons (again, located near 15/501 and I-40).


TBALL Q3:     What can we expect from the Tee Ball games?

TBALL A3:     Tee Ball games will be a lot of fun.  At this age group, the focus is on teaching, not on winning, and fun.   Some things that will help all have the best year possible:

1.    Please try to arrive to the game at least 15 minutes early.  This will allow your player to get settled, speak with the coach, and warm-up before the game.

2.    Be supportive of your player.  The coaches will take the opportunity to instruct and correct players as necessary.  We hope parents will cheer loudly for all players.

3.    We do not track scores or post standings for Tee Ball.  We cheer for all achievements.

4.    We have a 1:15 hard stop for each game.  No new innings may start after 60 minutes.

5.    Each half inning will last until a team records 5 runs or 3 outs.  Note that your player may not bat every inning.

6.    All of the players will be positioned in the field when on defense. Playing positions are rotated each inning to provide all players exposure to each position. 

7.    Each player will have a maximum of 3 chances to hit a ball pitched by the coach.  In the event the player misses all 3 chances, a Tee will be used to assist the hitter.  For the first half of the season, players may hit directly off the Tee until their skills advance.

8.    Have fun.


TBALL Q4:     What if my player has already played Spring Tee Ball for SDLL & is interested in machine pitch?

TBALL A4:     All players who have played SDLL or other organized baseball Tee Ball the previous Spring and are league age 6 may attend evaluations and be evaluated for the Rookie Division (lower machine pitch).  Any player in the Rookie Division or higher must attend evaluations to play in these divisions.  Player families will be notified prior to the draft and an additional fee will be charged if the player moves to the Rookie Division.


TBALL Q5:     How often will my team meet?

TBALL A5:     Each team will have 2 outings per week.   These will be a mix between games and practices, with approximately 8-10 T-Ball games played in season.


TBALL Q6:     Where are the field locations?

TBALL A6:     For address for all of the SDLL ballfields, please go to


TBALL Q7:     What is Opening Ceremonies?

TBALL A7:     Opening ceremonies is long league tradition in the Spring season only.  Team and individual photos are taken by a professional photographer.  All players and teams are introduced, players and parents recite their respective pledges and a first pitch as well as baseball hat toss kicks-off the season.  The ceremony last approximately one hour and thirty minutes or less and generally occurs on a Saturday morning mid-March to early April.


TBALL Q8:     When will the season end?

TBALL A8:     For the Spring, the season ends generally around the first week of June or earlier.  For the Fall, the season ends the last week of October.


TBALL Q9:     Rain Outs?

TBALL A9:     All cancellations or changes are generally communicated through your coach and/or League e-mails.  You may also sign-up for RainOut text alerts for field closures (go to the Quick Links section of the SDLL homepage at There are no make-up games or practices in Tee Ball.


TBALL Q10:   What does league age mean?

TBALL A10:   Age of your player per Little League® rules, helps to determine allowed division of play.  For example, if your Tee Ball player’s DOB is between 9/1/2013 and 8/31/2014, your player’s league age for the Fall of 2019 and Spring of 2020 is league age 6.  To determine your player’s league age, click here.


TBALL Q11:   Where can I find the player and parent Little League® pledge?

TBALL A11:   Simply google Little League Player or Parent Pledge.  Both are provided below:

Little League® Player Pledge 
I trust in God
I love my country
And will respect its laws 
I will play fair
and strive to win 
But win or lose 
I will always do my best

Little League® Parent/Volunteer Pledge
I will teach all children to play fair and do their best
I will positively support all managers, coaches and players
I will respect the decisions of the umpires
I will praise a good effort despite the outcome of the game


TBALL Q12:   How can I help?

TBALL A12:   SDLL is an all-volunteer organization.  And at this age, your coaches can use all the help they can get.  Even if you have minimal baseball experience, your assistance is appreciated.  All volunteers, coaches, practice helpers, team parents, etc. must undergo a mandatory Little League® background check annually with the Little League® screening provider.  

For games, each team will need a pitcher, 2 base coaches, a batting coach (catcher), an outfield coach, and a dugout monitor.  For practices, your coach will try to break the team into smaller groups.  Smaller groups mean more one on one instruction and more practice repetitions.  The more parents that assist, the more groups a team can have.

All teams are strongly encouraged to have a Team Parent.  The Team Parent will assist the coach with league communications and manage after game snacks or other activities as so directed by the coach.  The job has minimal involvement, but really helps the team and its coaches.

Any time you can assist at a game or practice it will be greatly appreciated and help all the kids have a better experience.  So, please, offer to help!


TBALL Q13:   Who are sponsors?

TBALL A13:   Sponsors are business or individuals who have donated to SDLL for the season.  Their donations provide services, equipment and/or uniforms.  For the Spring, your team sponsor is displayed on the back of uniform above your player’s number as well as an additional sponsor on the sleeve usually.  There is no individual team sponsorship for the Fall.  Sponsorship is generally around $550.  If interested or you know of a sponsor for the future, please contact the SDLL board of directors at [email protected] or at [email protected]. To view our current generous league Sponsors, please go to, view the Sponsor page and most of all, kindly consider them when making purchases.


TBALL Q14:   What is the parent survey? And the Annual Public Meeting?

TBALL A14:   At the end of every Spring season (and some Fall), the league will send a parent survey to all participants.  Parents are strongly encouraged to answer applicable questions regarding their player’s experience.  All responses are read, and helps the league provide a better product for the players.

During the month of October, SDLL hosts an Annual Public Meeting where all league families are invited and encourage to attend.  Key issues are discussed regarding the condition of the league, league finances, safety, possibly review of bylaws, constitution and more.  The date, time and location of the Annual Public Meeting is emailed to league families, and published on the league website as well as Facebook page.


TBALL Q15:   If a question here has not been answered, whom can I ask? Where can more information be found?

TBALL A15:  

1.    Ask your Team Manager (Head Coach)

2.    Player Agent (official title of SDLL board member who represents the players), [email protected]

3.    SDLL Website ( the league (not Tee Ball specific) Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page

4.    Like SDLL on Facebook,

5.    Follow SDLL on Twitter, @goSDLL

6.    Follow SDLL on Instagram, @sdll_nc

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