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This document is for informational purposes only.

No discussions have been held or decisions made regarding SDLL All Star teams.

To be considered for your division team

Please fill our this All-Star information form by May 5th, 2023 at 11:59 p.m.

What do we mean by All Stars? 

All Star teams are formed with the purpose of competing for titles in the Little League post-season tournaments. These teams are formed to win, so are more competitive and rigorous than regular season teams. 

How many All Star teams are there?

Each spring, SDLL competes in the baseball and softball North Carolina Little League® All Star Tournament. The makeup of each team is tied to the player’s league age. SDLL enters teams made-up of players generally from the following SDLL divisions into the tournament:


  • 7-8U Team: Players league age 8 or 7 from SDLL Rookie, A, and AA teams

  • 9U Team: Players league age 9 or 8 from SDLL AA or AAA teams

  • 10U Team: Players league age 10, 9 or 8 from SDLL AA, AAA and Majors teams

  • 11U Team: Players league age 11, 10 or 9 from the SDLL AAA and Majors teams

  • Little League Team: players league age 12, 11 or 10 from SDLL Majors teams

  • Juniors/Seniors: players league age 13 and up from the SDLL Juniors/Seniors teams


  • (8-10) Minors Team: Players league age 10, 9, 8 from SDLL 8U and 10U teams

  • (9-11) Minors Team: Players league age 11, 10, 9 from SDLL 12U and 10U teams

  • (10-12) Majors Team: Players league age 12, 11, 10 from SDLL 12U teams

The number of SDLL teams fielded (per age group) may vary based upon the number of tournaments offered by Little League, coach availability and number of players.

Are there a number of regular season games that a player must participate in to be eligible for All Star team consideration?

Yes. Though it is to a player’s advantage to attend all of the games (so a full evaluation / assessment of a player’s ability can be determined by the coaches within the division participating in the selection of each All Star team) Little League mandates that players play in a minimum of 8 of all regular season games. Only players with an approved medical waiver may be exempted from this requirement.

My child got a waiver to play in SDLL in the regular season. Are they eligible to be an All Star?

Per Little League® International, only boys and girls who reside or go to school within SDLL’s boundary (or have an approved II[d] waiver) may play on SDLL's All Star teams. 

How are All Star players and coaches determined?

Each All Star team has a minimum of twelve players. For all teams except Little League, each SDLL head coach for the A thru Majors division in baseball and the 8U thru 12U division in softball, attend a meeting with the SDLL Player Agent to present statistics and discuss potential, age-appropriate All Star candidates from their division. All coaches nominate and vote for the top nine players. The remaining players are chosen by the All Star Team head coach utilizing recommendations from coaches, statistics, and knowledge of players.

For the baseball Little League (Majors) division only, six players are chosen based on a vote by ALL players in the Majors division, three players are chosen based on a vote of the Majors division head coaches, and the remaining players are selected by the All Star Team head coach.

Once All Star candidates are determined, the candidates' families receive an interest survey from the SDLL Player Agent. The interest survey details All Star requirements, including time involved, cost, travel and more. Families must respond within the time period indicated and are asked to accept, indicating their candidate would be interested in playing on the All Star team and would like to be further considered, or reject, declining any and all invitations to play on the All Star team. While many families do wish to have their player further considered in the All Star process, others decline indicating they do not wish to be further considered as the candidate's family may have other interests, plans or time constraints.

Each All Star Team head coach must be a uniformed SDLL coach for the present season and have completed the Little League Diamond Leader Training Program. The Little League (Majors) All Star Team head coach must have coached in the Majors division.

Uniformed SDLL coaches submit an interest in managing an All Star team form to the SDLL President. The team head coach candidates are presented to the SDLL Board by the President, and all team coaches are nominated and approved by the SDLL Board of Directors after the initial first nine (9) players for each team are selected.

How much time is required for All Stars and is there a cost?

Practice is a minimum of 6-7 days a week for approximately two (2) hours each day. Practices typically begin the first week of June, and the duration is dependent upon each team’s tournament success (the one exception is the Little League Division team, whose All Star season could continue through the end of August). The 7-8U All Star team will play four games in one weekend (double headers each day) and possibly the Monday after the weekend pool play. The remaining All Star teams will have two games or more, with most tournaments starting on a Thursday or Friday night. All Star players are required to attend ALL practices and tournaments unless excused by the All Star Team head coach.

All Star player fees include uniform, practice and tournament fees. Fees are no less than $125, and are collected by SDLL the first week of June. Additional costs include travel to and from all District, State, Regional and National tournaments, food and daily lodging (these costs are not covered by SDLL). 

What documentation is required for All Star play?

The SDLL Player Agent prepares an affidavit to be signed by the SDLL President confirming each All Star player’s eligibility to represent SDLL in the District, State, Regional or National tournament. As required by this process, all parents or legal guardians of an All Star player candidate must present an original birth certificate, a copy of utility bill (dated from February of the current year or earlier, up to and including March of the previous year), a copy of a telecommunications bill (dated February of the current year or earlier, up to and including March of the previous year) and driver’s license (preferably matching the utility and telecommunications bill).

If playing in the league due to a school exception, parents of the All Star player candidate must present official school enrollment documentation for the current school year and an original birth certificate only. Given All Stars occurs at the end of school year, parents are advised to ensure they have this required documentation prior to the school closing for summer.

All original birth certificates will be returned to the applicable All Star player at the end of the All Star tournament play.

All Star required documentation is collected the first week of June at a place, date and time determined by the Player Agent.  


When and where are the baseball and softball District 6 North Carolina Little League Tournaments? State Tournaments? Regional Tournaments? Charts forthcoming.



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