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SDLL Softball - Welcome!

Spring 2024 Softball
 Registration is still open for Seniors (ages 13-16) Softball!

Calendar of Events for Spring 2024 for Ages 13-16
(exact dates subject to change):

Friday, April 26: Registration closes at 11:59 PM

Sunday, April 28: Player Evaluations

Friday, May 3: Practices begin

Monday, May 15: Games begin

Softball Player Clinics

No clinics are planned at this time - stay tuned!

Softball Divisions

Tee Ball Division (ages 4-6):
*Shared with baseball*
The Tee Ball Division is designed for players 4-6 years old, who are being introduced to the game of baseball. Tee Ball players will be taught the objectives of the game, to include throwing, catching, hitting the baseball, fielding techniques, base running, and defensive assignments when balls are put in play. Batters will have three attempts to bat a pitched ball from their coach. If they are unsuccessful, they will be permitted to strike at the ball from a tee until they have put the ball in play. Competitive aspects of the game are somewhat minimized at this level, in favor of teaching basic baseball skills, and ensuring players have a fun experience.

Softball Rookie Division (ages 6-8): 
The Softball Rookie Division is designed for players 6-8 years old to begin learning fundamentals of the game of softball and to build off skills learned at the tee ball level. Coaches in this division will place slightly more emphasis on competitive aspects of the game, including stopping runners from advancing, and putting offensive players out. Batters will attempt to bat a ball pitched underhand by their coach. Players are permitted to have up to five pitches delivered, unless three strikes are recorded prior to the fifth pitch.

Softball Minors Division (ages 8-11):
The Softball Minors Division is designed for players 8-11 years old and introduces players to kid-pitch softball. This division utilizes modified kid-pitch rules, combining kid pitch and coach pitch. Coaches in this division will place a heavier emphasis on player skills, particularly pitching, fielding, and batting. Base runners in this division will be permitted to progress on the base path on a passed ball, and defensive players must stop base runners from advancing.

Softball Majors Division (ages 10-12): 
The Softball Majors Division is designed for players 10-12 years old who display advanced understanding of softball strategies and more advanced skills. Coaches will emphasize a balance between player effectiveness, development, and continued enjoyment of playing the game. All 12-year-old players must play in the Majors Division (or higher) unless a waiver is obtained.

Softball Seniors Division (ages 13-16)
The Softball Seniors Division is designed for players that are ages 13-16 years old and uses traditional softball rules, a 60-foot diamond, and a pitching distance of 43 feet. Under certain circumstances, 12-year-old players may be included in this division. This division typically is comprised of a mix of middle school/high school athletes continuing to hone their skills outside of the scholastic season and brand-new softball athletes.

A softball player's league age for the Spring 2024 season is based on their age as of 1/1/2024. For more information, please reference the age chart linked here.

Any questions regarding softball play, registration, evaluations and player draft not answered in the FAQs may be sent to [email protected].

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