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Off-Season Ski Storage & Care

-Applying a soft storage wax to your skis is important to protect the bases from dirt and drying out during the off season. It is quick and easy. All kick wax/klister should be removed from classic ski kick zones.

Stone grinding is offered by some ski shops. It is a procedure that "resurfaces" the base of your skis. There are multiple reasons to stone grind: 
    1. It refreshes your base, making it perfectly flat again, taking out small scratches or knicks, and allowing better penetration of wax.
    2. It gives your base a new structure for the type of snow you ski on with that ski. There are a variety of grinds to choose from. The "Universal Cold" is by far the most common grind put on skis in this area, especially if you only have one set of race skis. 

It is generally not necessary to grind your skis every year. By far the most important factor in your race ski is that it fits you correctly (flex and length). The next most important thing is to have a flat, smooth base with the proper grind. The last thing of importance is the wax. You can't take a improperly fitted ski and make it fast with a grind and great wax! However, you can take a properly flexed used or older ski and make it faster with a new grind and great wax.