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Though rollerskiing is not a must, there is no doubt rollerskiing will make skiers even better! It helps improve technique, balance, and fitness. Skate rollerskis are most common as one can practice skate techniques and do double poling. Classic rollerskis will help with striding, however, one must concentrate on good technique because classic rollerskiing always gives good kick, even when one's technique may be poor. Rollersking does come with some safety risks, so please follow all trail rules, wear appropriate gear (see below), and attempt terrain/duration that is appropriate for one's development level.

Skis: Skate, Classic or both rollerskis. (They do make combi, but LNST does not offer that type for rental.)
Boots: Can use the same boots for snow skiing. However, if you do a lot of rollerskiing, you use older or a different pair of boots...they get very sweaty, stinky and worn out when rollerskiing.
Poles: Can use the same poles for snow skiing, but again, do not use high end race poles. A cheaper, more flexible pole is best for rollerskiing.
Tips/Ferrules: It is recommended you take off your pole baskets and replace the tips with rollerski specific ferrules. The hardier carbide tip with no basket will get you better grab on the pavement and won't break as easy. 
Gear: Helmets required, High Visible Clothing required on roads, thin gloves recommended, knee/elbow pads as you feel necessary, water bottle holder.

LNST has skate and classic rollerskis to rent out for the off-season. 
Rental Fee: $40 for one pair (Skate or Classic), additional $20 if you rent both Skate and Classic, Due at time of pickup.
Rental fees go towards upkeep and replacement of wheels, parts, and to periodically purchase new rollerskis.  High school athletes will get first choice on rental fleet.
We will offer several sessions this spring/summer/fall where you can come out and try rollerskiing for a small fee of $5 per time (assuming we have rollerskis available that are not rented out yet).
Note: Please only rent if you are sure you will make good use of the rollerskis. We do not want rollerskis just sitting around in someone's garage all summer when they could be used by someone else or used at our trial events.


You can purchase good rollerskis starting at around $225 (with bindings) at some ski shops. The prices go up from there. Rollerski ferrules are about $15-25 for a pair depending on "glue on" or swix triac screw on.
Example retailers:
Minocqua Winter Park Ski Shop
Mel's Trading Post
Pioneer Midwest LLC

Basics of equipment, starting, and stopping
Getting started drills
Drills for experienced - see time stamps in the description for specific technique segments


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