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I would like to start off by thanking all of the children, family members, coaches, sponsors, township officials and league board members for helping make last year’s season a success. Our efforts to provide a safe and fun playing environment for the children of our league would have failed if not for your contributions.

With that said I would like to provide a bit of perspective as to how things have changed in just under a year.

Just a few years ago our league was very close to being nonexistent. The former President and his board members with assisted of Keansburg Recreation took a broken league and began to rebuild it.  Lack of volunteers, player registration, proper equipment and funding created enormous barriers in the rebuilding process but each year baseball, softball and tee ball was offered.

At the beginning of 2015, the former President informed our board that he was relocating and that he would no longer be able to serve as the league President. With his recommendation I was elected President of the league by the members of the board. I knew going in that there would be a large learning curve but I was confident that with the talented board members I had that our league would be successful. 

As President I function as the chief executive officer of the league, representing the league with District, State, Regional and National Babe Rule League Inc officials, municipal governments, and other surrounding athletic programs.  The most important function of my position however is to develop strategies that will help grow our league and eliminate the aforementioned barriers that have prevented our league from being successful.

Aware of the fact that the Bayshore Little League which was being run in Union Beach and Keyport, was dealing with the same barriers that our league was. I reached out to members of the Bayshore Little League and proposed a merger. Both leagues realized that neither league was going to be able to run a successful league on its own and that a merger would be the best for both leagues and their members.  With the approval of both league boards I presented the merger and requested approval from Babe Ruth Baseball League Inc.

Along with that request I also asked to expand our boundaries into Middletown as well.  Babe Ruth League Inc approved my request to increase our Charter boundaries to include the children of Keansburg, Keyport, Middletown and Union Beach.

With the merger of Bayshore Little League and Keansburg Babe Ruth in the beginning of 2015 our league grew from a 10 team league with 140 players to a 22 team league with over 270 players.  With this merger, our league expanded outside of our local boundaries. This merger allowed the children from Keyport, Middletown and Union Beach the ability to play in our league. The merger also provided us with access to additional fields in Keyport and Union Beach along with opening up many more sponsorship opportunities for the league as well.  

The league has undergone a significant transformation in the past years.  In an effort to move our league forward we made these changes in the recent years:

  • Incorporated the league as a 503 C for the protection of the league and for sponsorship purposes and moved out from the oversight of Keansburg Borough
  • Developed a new league By Law document
  • Purchased new equipment for all 22 teams
  • Selected a new uniform vendor and upgraded all uniforms for all ages
  • Acquired permits for the use of the IFF fields and Scholar park fields in Union Beach to assist with influx of teams and needed fields
  • Developed social media connection to our members that included online registration and payment option
  • Started a Buddy Ball league for special needs children
  • Increased our sponsor ship from 9 sponsors to over 30 sponsors
  • Worked with Borough of Keansburg to make St. John’s fields safe by fencing and enclosing the fields and the playground area. The Borough also installed a wooden guard rail that will provide a protective barrier between the cars in the parking lot and the playing areas
  • Provided Opening and Closing ceremonies that included food, games, bounce houses, raffle prices, music, and trophies
  • Went from Bayshore Babe Ruth to Bayshore Baseball (Part of Little League).

The new identity of the league had to satisfy all of our members existing expectations and the boards expectations and the changes listed above helped contribute to our original goal which is to provide a safe and fun playing environment for the children of our league.

In an effort to continue moving the league forward to acknowledge the maturity, functionality, and diversity of the league, I am proud to announce that we have officially changed our name from Bayshore Babe Ruth to Bayshore Baseball (Part of Little League). In the upcoming year Bayshore Baseball will be broken down into two divisions. The two division will consist of a division from Keyport/Union Beach and a Division from Keansburg/Hazlet.

Bayshore Baseball, will be functioning under Bayshore Sports and Recreation Inc, which will hold the 503 C corporate identity for the league. Moving forward, Bayshore Sports and Recreation Inc, will be offering additional sports and recreation activities outside of the Bayshore Baseball program.  Bayshore Sports and Recreation Inc, will work with individual groups of parents and/or township recreation departments to develop and run additional sports and recreation programs that may not currently be offered. Bayshore Sports and Recreation Inc, will also look to merge existing sports and recreation programs under its umbrella when and if opportunities are provided. 

I thank you for your continued support. My board and I look forward to another successful season. 


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