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League Safety Plan


2019 ASAP Plan V1.1

CAMAS Little League



Little League ID:045770401

Washington State District #4



  1. League Safety Officer is Chad Sterle. Plan on file with Little League International and all updates will be made through the Little League Data Center.
    Contact: [email protected]



  1. Distribution of Safety Manual.


Camas Little League will distribute an electronic copy of the 2019 Camas Safety Manual to all Managers, Coaches, League Volunteers, Concession Workers, and Facilities Crew. Physical copies of the safety manual will be posted in all common areas for all applicable volunteers


  1. Emergency & Key Official Contacts


In Case of an Emergency DIAL 911

Site Address: 640 NW Logan St, Camas, WA 98607

League President Mike Teater (360) 949-5845

VP Baseball Nick Kralj (503) 830-8166

VP Softball Rochelle Whetzel (360) 600-2293

Safety Officer Chad Sterle (503) 367-6037

Player Agent BB Ted Wieczorek (360) 216-6692

Umpire in Chief BB Christian Leverick (360) 830-6610

This list will be posted in concessions, dugouts, and all common areas along with all applicable safety procedures for handling and tracking injuries.


Note: First Aid kits are supplied to each team. Additional First Aid Kits are stored in the Concession Stand and both Score booths


  1. Volunteer Applications


Camas Little League will use the official 2019 Little League Volunteer online LL Application form to screen all of our volunteers. We will use JD Palatine for all our background checks. Both the League President and the Safety Officer will retain these confidential forms for their year of service.

Note: Anyone refusing to complete a volunteer application will be ineligle to particiapate as a volunteer with Camas Little League.


  1. Fundamentals Training


Camas Little League will provide and require, with at least one coach or manager from each team attending, training in the key fundamental areas of both youth baseball and softball. Training will qualifiy a volunteer for 2 years, but one team representative is still required to attend each year.

Trainings completed prior to the 2019 ASAP deadline include:

    1. Basic 60ft diamond umpire techniques


Date(s): 17 Mar 2019 @ 7pm, 7 Apr 2019 @ 7pm

Location: online WebEx meeting hosted by N. Krajl (UIC BB)


    1. Fundamentals Review and Coaches Meeting


Date(s): 23 Feb 2019 @ 3pm (non-competative) and 5pm (competative)

Location: Camas LL – Board Room


    1. NWBC Coaches Convention


Date(s): 20 Jan 2019 @ 8:45am – 1:20pm

Location: Sheraton Portland Airport Hotel – Conference Center


Note: Any remaining unscheduled 2019 Fundamental, Sport Psychology, Scorekeeping, and Softball workshops or clinics, set forth by Camas Little League or District 4, will be attended by at least one coach or manager from each team.


  1. First Aid Training


Camas Little League will provide and require, with at least one coach or manager from each team attending, First Aid training. Training will qualify a volunteer for 3 years, but one team representative is still required to attend each year.


    1. Fundamentals Review and Coaches Meeting


Date(s): 23 Feb 2019 @ 3pm (non-competative) and 5pm (competative)

Location: Camas LL – Board Room

Instructor: Kyle Phelan


  1. Field Inspections


Coaches and Umpires will be required to walk & inspect the fields prior to any use. Concerns must be conveyed to the Safety Officer or the Board Member on Duty ASAP!


  1. 2019 Annual Little League Facility Survey


The completed 2019 Facility Survey upload to the LL Data Center. Camas LL utilizes five fields for baseball and softball games:

Forest Home Park: East, West

Doc Harris Complex: Doc A, Doc B

Goot Park: Goot Field (shared with ECLL)


  1. Concession Stand Safety


Food menu shall be approved by the Safety Officer and League President and will be posted in several areas of the concession stand. The Camas LL 2019 Concession Stand will abide by all applicable local guidelines and laws. In addtion the following Camas LL speific Safety related items will apply:

    • No one under the age of fourteen (14) may work in an area of the concession stand where food is sold


    • At the beginning of a shift contact Camas Police directly if the concession stand or other area of Forest Home Park has been vandalised


    • Concession stand staff must consist of a minimum of two (2) workers when the concession stand is open for business


    • All concession workers must wash their hands using the proper technique prior to touching a food, beverage, or snack product


    • First aid kits are available in each score booth and in the board room.


    • Fire extinguishers are located inside the concession stand along with both score booths and board room. The fire extingushers must be checked on a regular basis and replaced when needed


    • All points of entry into the concession stand including the front screen door and back door must be unlocked during operating hours. The areas around both doors must be kept free of obstructions


    • All trash must be disposed in a city dumpster at the end of each shift


    • The Concession Stand Manager must have valid Person in Charge credentials



  1. Equipment Inspection


The League Equipment Manager will inspect and replace all equipment prior to the 2019 season. Managers and Coaches are required to inspect all equipment prior to each game. For compeative games the Umpire in Chief will have the final say on equipment allowed in a game.


  1. Accident Reporting


Camas Little League will use the Incident Tracking Form from the Little League International Website and the Safety Officer has informated each Manager on the Accident/Near Miss Reporting procedure. All completed Accident/Near Miss Reports need to be filed with the Safety Officer within 24-48 hours of the incident. All safety procedures, forms, and contact information will be posted in all common areas. All "near miss" information will be evaluated and reported to the District Safety Officer in an attempt to avoid future injuries.


  1. First-AidKits


Each team will be issued an updated First Aid Kit and will be required to have it at every practice, game, and team event. These kits will be issued with the team’s equipment bag.


  1. Little League Rules


Camas Little League requires all team, manages, coaches, board members, and volunteers to enforce all Little League Rules.

The 2019 Little League Rule Book is to be used in all Camas Little League games and practices. Camas LL only uses Little League approved equipment. All Volunteer/Coach Code of Conduct & Safety Code of Conduct forms will be reveiwed and signed by every member of the Camas Little League and kept on file with the Safety Officer.


  1. Player / Coach Data


League player registration, player roster, and manager/coach data will be submitted via the Little League Data Center at New player or coach/manager data will be added to the Little League Data Center within 2 weeks of becoming active with a team.


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