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About Camas - ALL STARS

Each year, Camas Little League (CLL) will attempt to field competitive teams to participate in various post-season Little League tournament play that occur in the month of July.

The teams are composed of players from various teams and divisions that participated in the regular CLL Spring Baseball & Softball Season. This page describes the process that CLL will follow when selecting the managers, coaches and players to represent CLL in all Little League post-season tournaments.


The All-Star season starts in mid-June and can last through the end of July.  Once the season starts, practices may occur daily. The first tournament is Districts and will take place somewhere local.  For teams advancing to State, they’ll tournament location will vary and travel is highly likely.  Location and dates are typically announced by early May. 


The objective of the All-Star selection process is as follows:

  • Comply with Little League International rules
  • Create the most competitive team(s) possible
  • Create teams that will represent the league’s values
  • Provide transparency of the process
  • Be fair to players, parents and coaches
  • Be consistent in its application across leagues
  • Provide extended baseball opportunities for families interested
  • Consider all nominated player(s) fairly


  1. All-Star Managers and Assistant Coaches are considered ambassadors of CLL. They must have conducted themselves in exemplary fashion, upholding the values of CLL both on and off the field during the regular season.  The Board  may disqualify a candidate from consideration for conduct deemed unbecoming a representative of the CLL League
  2. A candidate must be a coach of record in the current regular season. 
  3. Assistant coaches will be selected by the Manager & also must be a coach of record in the current regular season


All-star players are selected by the Managers from their respective Divisions from the nomination pool.  To be in the nomination pool, the player needs 3 things:

  1. Eligibility - see details below
  2. Availability – A Family Commitment Form will attest to the details below
  3. Ability – Player is nominated by their Manager or another Manager

Secondary Considerations for All Star nominations are as follows:

  1. Attitude, Effort & Coachability


  • Players are eligible to be nominated to All-Star team if they meet the players Little League age requirements of ages  8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13
  • Players must have participated in at least 60 percent of the cumulative number of games for CLL regular season and championship tournament games.
  • Players must attend 1 of the tryout dates or receive an exception before the tryout date
  • Players live or attend school within the CLL Boundaries, or have a waiver stating eligibility 


All Invited All Stars are expected to take their nomination and commitment seriously. Failure of Full Participation  may effect playing time, and the future consideration of this player's All Star Eligibility 

  • All-Star practices begin shortly after regular season play. Tournament play for the Majors, 50/70 & Juniors Softball All-Stars could extend through August culminating in play at the respective Little League World Series. 
  • 11/10 All-Stars and 10/9 All-Stars play will complete through the end of July in the State Championship tournament.
  • Players and parents must be committed to and available for the entirety of All-Star play. Families must submit a Player Commitment form attesting to this availability.


All-Star team members must be able to contribute at the highest level of athleticism and baseball skill. To be considered for All-Star nomination, players will be assessed on the following by their regular season coaches:

  • Performance of play in regular season games, performance at tryouts is also taken into consideration
  • Player's demonstrated baseball skills and situational awareness
  • Player’s attitude, competitive spirit, and commitment to their regular season team
  • Player's ability to perform under different circumstances 


The process begins with parents attesting to their Availability by submitting a Player Commitment form.  This is followed by coaches indicating which players should be considered based on their Ability, typically mid-season.  The teams are then selected from the eligible player pool by all Managers and announced league wide, typically near the end of the season.

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