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Tee Ball Overview

AGE RANGE:  Players Little League Ages 4-5, as defined by 2023 Little League Baseball Age Chart.

Tee Ball is your child’s introduction to baseball and Falls Little League. No prior experience is expected or required. The Tee Ball program is focused on teaching basic baseball skills such as fielding and batting in a casual environment. Outs are not recorded and every child plays on both offense and defense in every inning. We will attempt to place players on teams grouped roughly by neighborhood elementary schools. If you would like to request a “buddy” for your player to be assigned on a team with, will not 100% guaranteed, please coordinate with the other family before registering we will need "mutual agreement" for cross-referencing.   
Our Tee Ball program is co-ed. 


  • Teams are capped at 7-8 players
  • Total number is ultimately determined by the total number of league Manger volunteers. 


  • Ball Grip: Fingers on top – thumb below
  • Fielding: Glove positioning, Move feet, Receive, Suck up
  • Two-Hand Catching: Thumb to Thumb and Pinky to Pinky
  • Throw: Target Shoulder, Follow-Through
  • Hitting: Grip, Athletic stance, hand positioning, head still at ball
  • Base Running: Through 1B

Annual Tee Ball Program Schedule

Tee Ball Program begins the first Monday after SVSD Spring Break - mid-April.  The season concludes prior to completion of the SVSD school year (early to mid-June). 

Activity   Activity 
Week 1Practice:  Mon, Tue, or Wed Practice:  Thur, Fri, or Sat
Week 2Practice:  Mon, Tue, or WedPractice:  Thur, Fri, or Sat
Week 3Practice:  Mon, Tue, or Wed Game 1:  Thur, Fri, or Sat
Week 4 Practice:  Mon, Tue, or Wed Game 2:  Thur, Fri, or Sat
Week 5 Practice:  Mon, Tue, or Wed Game 3:  Thur, Fri, or Sat
Week 6 Practice:  Mon, Tue, or Wed Game 4:  Thur, Fri, or Sat
Week 7 Practice:  Mon, Tue, or Wed Game 5:  Thur, Fri, or Sat
Week 8Practice:  Mon, Tue, or Wed Game 6:  Thur, Fri, or Sat

Volunteer Managers select preferred practice times slots - day and time of week.  League does not guarantee team placement onto a specific team that practices certain days of week.  

Registration Listing

2023 Tee Ball (Co-Ed)

This program is for the 2023 Falls Little League Tee Ball (Co-Ed) season registration. 
  • Tee Ball is our Co-Ed program to help support players who are League Age 4-5 beginning the journey on diamond.
  • League Age 5 players: If you opt to select to "play-up" to A Baseball you will register in this program as based players DOB.
  • We will evaluate what division of play you played in 2022 and the league could reach out to understand your players overall baseball awareness, baseball IQ, and skills development to ensure they are placed in the proper level of play.
  • To be considered for this "play-up" you MUST select "play-up requested" in the question portion of the your registration.

  • To ensure team roster sizes do not grow beyond the appropriate range for player development, enjoyment, playing opportunities and coaching management we will cap each Tee Ball roster to 7-8 players.
  • Depending on when you register you will either see a listing of "Available Slots" or "Wait List"
  • "Available slots" = we have enough manager submissions to form teams with up to 7 players/team.
  • "Wait List" = we are waiting on additional volunteer Manager submissions to form another roster of 7-8 players.
  • After the submission and approval of new-managers we will transition the next 7-8 submissions based on registration date from "Wait List" to "Approved"
  • Before posting rosters we will work to honor Manager requests and Teammate requests to the best of our ability - but not guaranteed
  • Our goal and desire is ensure every player who registers has a team to play for - but Falls LL needs volunteer Managers.

Additional Details

Submit to [email protected] and a League volunteer will respond in 24-36 hours - we strive for faster than that.

Tee Ball - Co-Ed (League Age 4-5)

Registration closes on 03/08/2023 at 11:59 PM
Season Dates: 04/17/2023 to 06/10/2023
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