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Sponsorship / Donations


Thank you, for considering sponsorship of the Ledyard Youth Basketball League or one of our many community events.

Our Mission :

  The Mission of the Ledyard Youth Basketball League is to teach, develop, organize and offer the Youth and Teens of Ledyard
the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of basketball while instilling life lessons and values, such as character, teamwork,
respect, and sportsmanship.

There are several benefits to sponsor our team’s activities :

Be involved in a sport that helps shape the future of our kids. The number of boys and girls who have involved themselves in basketball has increased over the last 5 years. The LYBL (Ledyard Youth Basketball League) has a growing presence online through our website and Facebook page and are currently considering a youtube channel as well.

There are several ways to support the league : 
• Sponsor the league 
• Donate money to become an official team sponsor
• Offer our team members a discount on merchandise or services
• Donate products/services to the team to be raffled at our events.

Sponsor an event :
• Donate money to become an event sponsor
• Donate products or services for an event
• Provide volunteer support at events

Other ways :
We welcome your suggestions and thoughts on sponsorship and would love to discuss any creative ideas you have.

Please take a few minutes and review the material contained in this sponsorship package. You will find the following items :

  Team Sponsorship Opportunities
Event Sponsorship Opportunity
• Sponsorship Program Agreement Form
Contact Information