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LYBL 2018 Uniform Number Assignment Listing :

When you place your order, you will need to include your child's name AND the number assigned by the league in the attached spreadsheet.  Please use the name listed in the spreadsheet even if your child goes by a different name or nickname.  The number CANNOT be changed.  This numbering system will allow our players to wear these uniforms for multiple seasons if desired.  Thirty Marketing will also have this spreadsheet and will verify each order to the league spreadsheet, so no changes will be made.


Jersey Number Division Name Player First Name Player Last Name
43 Instructional Mixed Division Raegan Aberle
78 Juniors Mixed Division Samuel Aberle
6 Juniors Mixed Division David Adams
51 Juniors Mixed Division Charlise Albers
8 Seniors Mixed Division Dante Alderette
14 Seniors Mixed Division Samuel ALMEIDA
73 Juniors Mixed Division Luke Anderson
1 Juniors Mixed Division anthony antezzo
18 Instructional Mixed Division Peter Armstrong
37 Seniors Mixed Division Ruben Baez
18 Seniors Mixed Division Cameron Barboza
56 Juniors Mixed Division Aiden Blanco
48 Instructional Mixed Division Logan Brejda
47 Instructional Mixed Division Quentin Brown
0 Juniors Mixed Division Adam Burgess
13 Seniors Mixed Division Robert Campbell
71 Juniors Mixed Division Keagan Caouette
11 Juniors Mixed Division Jonathan Champlin
4 Seniors Mixed Division Chris Clouston
79 Juniors Mixed Division Ty Curtis
68 Juniors Mixed Division james damian
6 Seniors Mixed Division Colin DeGaetano
0 Seniors Mixed Division Damion DePaul
4 Juniors Mixed Division Colin Downes
10 Juniors Mixed Division Jamie Drummond
34 Instructional Mixed Division Jeffrey Duerr
63 Juniors Mixed Division Clint Edwards
19 Seniors Mixed Division Cole Einhellig
23 Seniors Mixed Division Gavin Elam
66 Juniors Mixed Division Hudson Elam
41 Instructional Mixed Division Donovan Escalante
32 Instructional Mixed Division Jackson Favry
45 Instructional Mixed Division Nicholas Fermo
8 Juniors Mixed Division Giancarlos Figueroa
2 Juniors Mixed Division Caden Finkelstein
13 Juniors Mixed Division Latham Fothergill
50 Seniors Mixed Division Roan Fothergill
35 Seniors Mixed Division Noah Freeman
16 Juniors Mixed Division Michael Fry
35 Instructional Mixed Division Nicholas Fvaloro
3 Seniors Mixed Division Bryce Gagnon
39 Instructional Mixed Division Christopher Glacken
50 Instructional Mixed Division Adrian Gonzalez
15 Seniors Mixed Division William Goodrich
44 Seniors Mixed Division Donovan Greene
52 Instructional Mixed Division Dorian Greene
27 Instructional Mixed Division Brayden Gugliotta
54 Juniors Mixed Division Sunny Hauser
14 Juniors Mixed Division Lucas Heide
42 Seniors Mixed Division Daniel Hess
32 Seniors Mixed Division Matthew Heuschneider
36 Instructional Mixed Division Ryan Hewes
38 Seniors Mixed Division Ryan Hui
49 Instructional Mixed Division Uwem Inyang
1 Seniors Mixed Division Nicholas Johanson
23 Instructional Mixed Division Cameron Johnson
40 Instructional Mixed Division Connor Johnson
22 Seniors Mixed Division Ethan Justice
21 Seniors Mixed Division Erik Kamperschroer
7 Seniors Mixed Division Connor Keefe
53 Juniors Mixed Division Ava Kelley
20 Seniors Mixed Division Derek Kennedy
24 Seniors Mixed Division Grant Kennedy
39 Seniors Mixed Division Alexander Kiss-Vega
62 Seniors Mixed Division Seth Klaben
43 Seniors Mixed Division daniel krupansky
53 Instructional Mixed Division Grace Leckie
26 Seniors Mixed Division Jacob Lenz
42 Instructional Mixed Division Hunter Lupo
3 Juniors Mixed Division Carson Luther
49 Seniors Mixed Division Peyton Luther
9 Seniors Mixed Division Dominic Magliano
65 Juniors Mixed Division Enzo Magliano
57 Juniors Mixed Division Mason Maldonado
19 Instructional Mixed Division Ethan Mandile
12 Seniors Mixed Division Jaiden Margiotta
37 Instructional Mixed Division Benjamin Markett
72 Juniors Mixed Division Lincoln Martindale
59 Juniors Mixed Division Bruce McCullough
28 Instructional Mixed Division Christian Mcgrade
24 Instructional Mixed Division Joshua McGrade
33 Seniors Mixed Division Michael McGrade
16 Seniors Mixed Division Andrew Millbach
60 Juniors Mixed Division Calvin Miller
48 Seniors Mixed Division Logan Montgomery
70 Juniors Mixed Division Joey Morales
30 Seniors Mixed Division Kyle Moran
10 Seniors Mixed Division Freddie Myers
25 Seniors Mixed Division Jack Nolan
36 Seniors Mixed Division Owen OBrien
30 Instructional Mixed Division Evan O'Hanlon
55 Juniors Mixed Division Ava Osborne
52 Juniors Mixed Division Lucas Palacio-Sousa
27 Seniors Mixed Division Jacob Piatek
20 Juniors Mixed Division Teresa Post
11 Seniors Mixed Division Jackson Poulton
17 Juniors Mixed Division Michael Power
44 Instructional Mixed Division Luca Priebe
26 Instructional Mixed Division Ayden Quilter
34 Seniors Mixed Division Milton Ramon
33 Instructional Mixed Division Jax Redmond
29 Seniors Mixed Division Jonas Regondola
67 Juniors Mixed Division Jacob Rosario-flores
40 Seniors Mixed Division Benjamin Rusczyk
21 Juniors Mixed Division Grady Sadosky
58 Juniors Mixed Division Aidan Schlimgen
22 Juniors Mixed Division Kaitlyn Schlimgen
77 Juniors Mixed Division Patrick Scully
15 Juniors Mixed Division Luke Shevlin
2 Seniors Mixed Division Parker Silva
38 Instructional Mixed Division Christian Smith
12 Juniors Mixed Division Justin Smith
47 Seniors Mixed Division Jonas Starling
54 Instructional Mixed Division Maxim Startz
45 Seniors Mixed Division Elijah Stein
31 Instructional Mixed Division Greyson Stephenson
5 Seniors Mixed Division Cian Sullivan
7 Juniors Mixed Division Eli Taylor
46 Seniors Mixed Division Evan Taylor
5 Juniors Mixed Division Daniel Thakhamhor
75 Juniors Mixed Division Nathaniel Thornton
28 Seniors Mixed Division Jacob Topalis
9 Juniors Mixed Division James Tweed
46 Instructional Mixed Division Peter Tweed
61 Juniors Mixed Division Cameron Weber
25 Instructional Mixed Division Aiden Williams
17 Seniors Mixed Division Brayden Williams
64 Juniors Mixed Division Collin Williams
76 Juniors Mixed Division Owen Williams
29 Juniors Mixed Division Porter Wisniewski
41 Seniors Mixed Division Clark Ysewyn
74 Juniors Mixed Division Maveric Zegarzewski


Jersey Number Division Name Player First Name Player Last Name
31 Girls Micro Travel Team Isabella Bitgood
42 Girls Micro Travel Team Julia Bonser
13 Girls Micro Travel Team Sadie Bordeleau
10 Girls Junior Travel Team Jayda Coher
45 Girls Junior Travel Team Elizabeth Curry
52 Girls Junior Travel Team Faith Dalton
5 Girls Senior Travel Team Bella Drummond
34 Girls Junior Travel Team Margaret Dykes
21 Girls Micro Travel Team Emma Einhellig
9 Girls Senior Travel Team Lindsay Farina
23 Girls Micro Travel Team Mallory Foote
25 Girls Micro Travel Team Patricia Garvey
4 Girls Junior Travel Team Mmekom Inyang
20 Girls Micro Travel Team Braylyn Johnson
15 Girls Micro Travel Team Charlotte Johnson
11 Girls Micro Travel Team Savannah King
3 Girls Micro Travel Team Ella Lafontaine
1 Girls Junior Travel Team Logan Maranzano
24 Girls Senior Travel Team Ciara McGrath
14 Girls Junior Travel Team Tara McGrath
11 Girls Senior Travel Team Angelina Olivencia
5 Girls Micro Travel Team Jillian Parad
22 Girls Micro Travel Team Gianna Penn
2 Girls Junior Travel Team Elizabeth Phillips
32 Girls Micro Travel Team Callie Rice
44 Girls Senior Travel Team Helena Robinson
40 Girls Micro Travel Team Dakotah Sands
35 Girls Micro Travel Team Olivea Shelton
41 Girls Junior Travel Team Mia Starling
30 Girls Senior Travel Team Mary Ann Trant
12 Girls Micro Travel Team Kaelyn Tufts
33 Girls Micro Travel Team Ellison Wallace

(Posted 11-20-2018)


Our uniform ordering site is OFFICIALLY open! Thirty Marketing is our local uniform vendor. They are located in the Ocean State Job Lot plaza in Gales Ferry. Please go to the following site to place your order:

Each player is REQUIRED to order a uniform shirt and shorts. The total cost of these two items is $32. The uniform is $30, and the transaction fee for ordering online is $2.When you place your order, you will need to include your child's name AND the number assigned by the league in the attached spreadsheet. Please use the name listed in the spreadsheet even if your child goes by a different name or nickname. The number CANNOT be changed. This numbering system will allow our players to wear these uniforms for multiple seasons if desired. Thirty Marketing will also have this spreadsheet and will verify each order to the league spreadsheet, so no changes will be made.

The site also includes optional fanware items for purchase, including socks, a navy t-shirt to wear under the uniform, and a shooting shirt. The price for the shooting shirt includes adding the name on the back. These items are a fundraiser for the league as well.

All items (including fanware) will be bagged together by Thirty Marketing and validated by the LYBL'sUniform Coordinators. The Uniform Coordinators will deliver all uniforms to the coaches to distribute to the players. Do not worry that the Instructional, Juniors, and Seniors Mixed teams have not been finalized yet. You will be notified of your team placement by Monday, November 26th.

All uniforms for the GIRLS TRAVEL TEAMS must be placed by NOVEMBER 28thin order to have them for the first games on December 1st. The uniforms will be delivered by November 30th at the absolute latest.All uniforms for the INSTRUCTIONAL, JUNIORS, and SENIORS MIXED TEAMS must be placed by December 5thin order to have them for the first games on December 8th. These uniforms will be delivered by December 7th at the absolute latest.

As a reminder,all BITTY players DO NOT need to order uniforms. The league is purchasing colored t-shirts for all Bitty players. Please be sure to make sure your coach has your child's t-shirt size. The league will be numbering these shirts randomly with the numbers 1 through 9, and they will not be used for future seasons. However, these players are welcome to order any of the items if they would like to as fanware.

This ordering site will be open throughout the year for orders. We will add other options for fanware in the coming weeks, so check back if there is something you would like that is not included now. Future items will include hoodies, sweats, and wind pants. These items will need to be picked up at Thirty Marketing. This policy will apply to any orders placed after December 8th.

If you would like to try on the uniforms or if you need to pay with check or cash, you are welcome to go into Thirty Marketing to place your order. They can also take a credit card on site. The price for an in-store purchase for the required uniform is $30.
(posted 11-19-2018)



The link to the uniform ordering website is delayed by the vendor. It should be available early next week. We are so sorry for this delay. All families will receive an email as soon as it is available with the link and all of the instructions for placing orders. This information will be posted on the website, here on Facebook, and on the different Ledyard forums.

We apologize again for the delay. The vendor is creating a site specifically for the LYBL, and it is taking a little more time than expected. The good news is, once it is in place, we will be all set for this season and into the future!

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.
(posted 11-8-2018)

LYBL Evaluations :


MIXED DIVISIONS (Boys and Girls):

November 10, 8 AM – 10 AM: Instructional Mixed (3-4 grades)
November 10, 10 AM – 12 PM: Seniors Mixed (7-9 grades)

NOTE: Nov 17 is the day Ledyard Football hosts the Super Bowl, so parking will be an issue. We suggest you drop your child off at Gales Ferry School and pick them up at the posted end time.

November 17, 8 AM – 10 AM: Juniors Mixed (5-6 grades)
November 17, 10 AM – 12 PM: MAKEUPS (All Mixed Levels)


November 5, 6 PM – 7 PM: Instructional (3-4 grades)
November 5, 7 PM – 8 PM: Juniors (5-6 grades)

November 7, 6 PM – 7 PM: Instructional (3-4 grades)
November 7, 7 PM – 8 PM: Juniors (5-6 grades)
(posted 11-8-2018)

LYBL Concussion Form:
It has been brought to our attention that when registering with the LYBL, it has parents/guardians sign the concussion form, but does not actually show you the full form. So, here is a link to the form for your reference:
(posted 11-8-2018)