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Parents Meeting Agenda

Parent Meeting Agenda

1.       Coach introductions

a.       A team coach MUST be present at all practices and games. Parents cannot step in and run practice or games, they must have a                background check on file with the LYBL to assist with coaching the team.

2.       League philosophy

a.       Develop love of the game

b.       Foster fundamentals to be ready for the next level

c.        Life lessons (good sportsmanship, respect for others, being a good teammate, etc.)

3.       Signed parent/player/coach code of ethics

a.       3 strike policy for non-compliance (warning, ejection for the day, ejection for the season)

4.       Website and Game Changer app communications along with email option

5.       Practice

a.       Arrive ready to practice 5 minutes before practice time.

b.       DO NOT enter the gym before the other team has exited.

c.        Parents may attend practice but cannot assist (see #1)

d.       Siblings are not allowed on stages in gyms, or running in hallways

6.       Communication, communication, communication

a.       Gym time contingent on school priorities; weather

7.       Safety

a.       Concussion

                                                               i.      If suspected player must be removed from game and parent/guardian notified that medical attention                                                                should be sought

                                                             ii.      Suspected player will not be allowed to participate in practices or games until note received from                                                               doctor saying player is cleared for activity

b.       Blood

                                                               i.      If player is bleeding the player is to be removed from the game until bleeding has stopped

                                                             ii.      If blood gets on uniform the uniform can’t be used for remainder of game; suggest bringing spare                                                               shirts (blue and white) to complete game.

8.       Uniform

a.       Soft-soled athletic shoes and the basketball uniform jersey and shorts is the required uniform.  Soft-soled athletic shoes must be worn on    the gymnasium floor. 

b.       If not already ordered, needs to be done by 12/5. Link to ordering website on LYBL home page and requires ASSIGNED number.

9.       Player rotation

a.       Teams shall play eight, 4-minute periods using running time with two-minute time outs between halves.

b.       Substitutions shall be done on a rotating basis in accordance with the LYBL Official Line-Up Rotation Sheet. 

                                                               i.      Teams with 6 players: minimum of 6 periods and a maximum of 7 periods

                                                             ii.      Teams with 7 players: minimum of 5 periods and a maximum of 6 periods

                                                            iii.      Teams with 8 players: 5 periods

                                                            iv.      Teams with 9 players: minimum of 4 periods and a maximum of 5 periods

                                                              v.      Teams with 10 players: 4 periods

c.        If a game results in an overtime, each team may play any five of their players for the overtime period.

10.    Players arriving after the start of the game with not be allowed to play until the start of the second half. Players arriving after the start of the  second half will not be allowed to play. 

11.    Each team must provide a timer or scorekeeper of 12 years of age or older for each game.