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LYBL Player's Code 2018-2019






1.        Participate in the league for your enjoyment of the game.  Play the game for yourself because you want to.  Don’t play to please others.

2.        Put forth your best effort at each practice and game.

3.        Work hard in practice to improve your technique and decision-making.

4.        Take the skills and values taught by your coaches and practice them at home.

5.        Cooperate with your coach and the assistant coaches.  These are parents who are volunteering their time and efforts on your behalf.  They do not get paid or compensated for their time.

6.        Be punctual and ready to play; if you can’t attend a practice or game, call your coach ahead of time.

7.        Basketball is a team sport; cooperate with your teammates and encourage them (for older players, this encouragement includes on social media and group texts).  The more you help your teammates, the better your whole team will become.

8.        Play to the appropriate level of competition.  Being overly competitive for the level at which you are playing reduces the enjoyment of the game.

9.        Read and understand the rules of the league and the game.  Play by these rules.

10.     Show respect for the officials, your coaches, your teammates, your opponents, the spectators, and the school custodians. Never argue with the officials or your coaches.

11.     Practice good sportsmanship to your opponents, both in victory and defeat.

12.     Become the best player you can.



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