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Welcome to the Ledyard Youth Basketball League!  First of all, thank you so much for volunteering to coach a team in the League.  As a coach of young people, you have the opportunity to teach basketball skills and to be a role model and mentor.  All of us remember that special coach we once had. We forget whether we won or lost, but we do remember our coach. 


Please read the following information about the League and coaching.


Make Basketball Fun

As a coach, it is your responsibility to provide a fun and enjoyable experience for all your players.  The more fun the players have, the more they will enjoy the game of basketball.  We have all seen coaches that are always serious and never seem to have fun.  The sad part with this is that players will often lose their interest in basketball because of the coach. 


Provide a Safe Experience

A very important responsibility for coaching youth basketball is to ensure the safety of your players.  Keep children away from equipment and stages in the gyms. You must be prepared to handle any injuries or safety issues that arise during practice or games. First Aid Kits are provided in your bag.  It is highly recommended that all coaches have First Aid/CPR Certification.  If there is an injury that needs immediate medical attention:

1.      Call 911.

2.      Call the Parent.

3.      Call the President of the League. Gabrielle McGrath (860 514 5482)

                                                      [email protected]

4.      Fill out an accident report (Copy attached)


No child should be left alone.  If the child is not picked up after practice, it is your responsibility to stay with the child until they are picked up.  Please make sure you have a copy of the child’s registration form with the parent and emergency information.  For your protection, you should not be alone with a child.  Always ask another parent or assistant coach to stay with you until the child is picked up.




Teach Your Players the Basketball Fundamentals

One of your main coaching responsibilities is to teach your players skills and fundamentals necessary to succeed in the game.  Your level of coaching will determine how you teach each of these fundamentals.  Some coaches are so intent on winning that basketball skills are overlooked.  Plan your practices, so that players learn the basics.


Planning Tips for Basketball Coaches


  •          Coaches must understand the League rules, regulations, and philosophy. Please refer to your LYBL Coaches Binder with any questions.


  •          Coaches should have a meeting with all players and parents to discuss what they expect.


  •          Coaches should always emphasize proper sportsmanship. They should teach their players the value of winning and losing with pride.


Basketball Coaching Communication


  •          Coaches should communicate with players, parents, referees, fans, and other coaches in a positive manner. Your verbal and nonverbal messages should be cooperative and respectful.  If you act in this manner, you will usually get the same in return.  A win-win situation!


  •          Use the LYBL website, the GameChanger Team Manager application, email, and text to keep your parents up to date with schedule changes and team news at all times.


Basketball Coaching Tips


  •          Coaches should always be a positive role model for their players.


  •          Coaches should treat all players equally and with respect. Some players will perform better than others.  Some players will behave better than others.  As a coach, you still must treat these players equally.


  •          Coaches should teach their players to always be respectful to the referees, their opponents, the other coaches, their parents, and fans.


  •          When a player makes a mistake or misbehaves, coaches should be positive and give

constructive comments.  Negative comments make players feel embarrassed and inferior.

  •          Coaches should allow their players to have plenty of water before, during, and after games and practices. Proper hydration is a key to performing well on the basketball court. It also reduces the chance of muscle cramps.


  •          Coaches should always put their players first!  Your players and their lives are more important than winning. Please keep that in mind as you approach your practices and games.


Use of School Gyms


  •          The League uses the school gyms for practices and games.  Please be respectful of the space.  Make sure your players pick up their water bottles and any other trash.


  •          Players should remain in the gyms and should not be running through the halls.


  •          Players should not be on any of the gym stages or use any of the equipment placed in the gym.


  •          The League is responsible when the players are using the gyms, so if a parent is letting siblings run wild in the gym; it is your responsibility to stop this behavior.


  •          If the schools are canceled because of inclement weather, our use of the school gyms is canceled also.  Cancellations are posted on the Ledyard Park and Recreation website: and Facebook page, on the LYBL website and Facebook page, and on local TV channels. 




  •          If you have a problem with a player, parent, coach, or referee that you are unable to resolve, please contact your League Commissioner.  If the Commissioner cannot solve the issue, it will go to the League President and Board.