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Game Changer Team Manager

1.) GameChanger Team Manager -

Can be downloaded (FREE) on your phone in App Store (iPhone) or Google Play Store (Android) :

The app is available on iPhones with at least iOS 10 installed. To install the app, please go to the "app store" on your iPhone and in the bottom left corner you will see the search icon. Choose search and type in "game changer team Manager" and download it.

Team Manager is now available on Android 5.0 and above! To install the app, please go to the "google play store" on your Android phone and on the top of the screen is the search bar. Click in the search bar and type in "game changer team Manager" and download it.

A.) - Now GC Team Manager is downloaded, open up the app and you will be guided through setting up your account.

(NOTE) it is crucial that you use the same email address for GC Team Manager as you used to register on the LYBL website.

B.) - Once you create your account on team Manager you can edit your email address, name, phone number, and profile picture if needed.

1.) - How to edit your profile
- Tap on the profile tab on the bottom right hand side of the screen

- Under your name tap edit profile

- From there you can edit your name, email, phone number and profile picture.

C.) - How to add your team

- On the bottom of the screen you will see a bar with (Team, Calendar, Messages and Profile)

- Choose Team and a new screen will appear

- On the new screen in the top right corner click on the + symbol and it will add your team

- At that point you can open up the box that will appear on the screen with your team name in it.

- You will see all your players and the word invite next the player's names. This means all the parents have been sent an invite to download the app.

- Once you see the word invite disappear after the player's name, that signifies the parent has downloaded the app and is ready to receive messages and etc.

This app has many more capabilities, which we will educate you on as we progress with schedules, games and etc.

Any questions, feel free to email us. [email protected]

The LYBL appreciates your commitment to the kids and this league and is making every effort to simplify the coaching process for you.