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Washington Township Baseball League, Inc. A non-profit Organization”



1. No player may participate until a registration form and insurance waiver, have been completed and on file.


2. Player Divisions are as follows:


Clemente: A player who is 7 or 8 yrs. old on May 1st 
Mays: A player who is 9 or 10 yrs. old on May 1st  
Reese: A player who is 11 or 12 yrs. old on May 1st 
A player who is 13,14, or 15 yrs. old on May 1st
Wedge: A player who is turning 15,16,17 or turning 18 yrs in season as of Jan. 1st


Any variations to the above age rulings will be approved only through the board of directors, Washington Township Baseball League.


3. Players must participate in 75% of the scheduled games to be eligible for awards. (exception in rule 4)


4. Players who miss 25% of scheduled games may be dismissed from the team and may not be eligible for awards. Valid circumstances will waive this rule: Vacations, Illness, or Injury. Before any coach can enforce this rule it has to be brought before the board where both parties must be present.


5. Players who continually miss practice without a valid reason may be set out for one game. Before any disciplinary action is taken, the coach must notify his division’s commissioner for a ruling. If a player is to sit out, the opposing coach needs to be notified prior to the affected game.


6. A team must field a minimum of 8 players or forfeit the game. Seven players must be from the team’s original team roster. One pickup player may be from the division directly below. They must play outfield and bat last in the order. As soon as the team can field nine of its own players, the pickup player must be removed from the game. Additional players may only be added to fill the roster to 9 players only.


7. Only participating players along with 1 manager, 2 coaches, and 1 scorekeeper for each team will be allowed in the dugout. NO food or refreshment in dugout unless permission has been given by the team manager.


8. Home team has the third base dugout and bats second. The visiting team has the first base dugout and bats first. The Home team keeps the Official Scorebook.


9. Home team is responsible for pulling bases after the last game and putting them away. Visiting team rakes the diamonds.


10. No tobacco, in any form, or cursing will be allowed in the dugouts or playing field. There will be NO smoking permitted in the Complex.


11. Managers and their coaches are responsible for the conduct of themselves, their players, and fans.


12. In the interest of safety, no jewelry of any type may be worn during a game. Final decision in this matter is up to umpire.


13. Each team is responsible for cleaning up their dugout and bleacher area after each game, before getting team drinks. If a team fails to do so their team will be required to clean the entire diamond and bleacher area before their next regularly scheduled late game, which may delay the starting of the game or may result in forfeiture. Exception is due to bad weather that forces players from playing area.


14. A 10-minute infield practice for visiting team shall begin 30 minutes prior to the start of the first scheduled game of the night. The home team shall have 10 minutes immediately following. Subsequent games will have NO infield except that during pitching warm-up.


15. If game is called because of time limit and the score is tied, the game shall be called a tie. If this is a tournament game, the game will be played till a winner is declared. On issues of time and questions about if there is time remaining to start a new inning: In ALL leagues, the next inning shall begin immediately once the third out has been recorded in the bottom of the previous inning.


16. League games are to be started promptly at their scheduled times.


17. If a manager or coach visits the mound more than one time in any inning, he/she must change pitchers. A manager or coach CANNOT ask their pitcher to meet at the foul line to avoid it being designated as a visit. This action will be defined as a visit. Once a pitcher is removed from the pitching position, he/she may not return to pitch in that game.


18. Protest must be put in writing within 24 hours of the protested game and presented to the board. The protest must also be made verbally to the home plate umpire immediately following the “problem” and before the game has been resumed. The umpire shall advise a board member that the game is being played under protest. The board shall make a ruling in a reasonable period of time.


19. No metal cleats are allowed in league play.


20. Ejection from a game will occur under the following circumstances:


If, in the judgment of an umpire, there is intent to injure a player by another player, immediate ejection shall take place.


Unsportsmanlike conduct on the part of coaches or players, verbally reported by a league official or written by others with verification, may result in an appearance before the board. The above conduct shall include, but not limited to language, gestures, or throwing of equipment.



A player, coach, or spectator may be ejected from a game or the entire ballpark by either an umpire or a league official.


An individual who has been ejected from a game may be placed out of sight and sound. If asked to leave, the ejected person must vacate the premises immediately.


A coach or player ejected from a game will be ineligible to participate in his/her next scheduled game.


A spectator ejected from the ballpark may not attend the next game and may be subject to indefinite suspension.


21. It is suggested that all players wear a protective cup for their own safety.


CATCHERS MUST WEAR A CUP AND A THROAT GUARD. NO EXCEPTIONS!!! The umpire should ask the catcher, and not allow those not wearing a cup to catch.


22. In case of wet diamonds, the decision to postpone games shall be made at the earliest possible time before the start of the game. A designated board member shall notify the umpire scheduler and all commissioners affected. The cancelations will be posted to the website and twitter immediately. Coaches will notify parents when available. Website and Twitter will be the quickest avenue for notification.


23. Each coach must inform the league Commissioner of any change in his team player status. Failure to do so could result in game forfeit.


24. Any person appearing for practice or a game in an obviously drug/alcohol induced state shall be immediately ejected from the ballpark. A player or coach in this condition will be subject to a board review.


25. A runner is out when he/she DOES NOT attempt to avoid malicious contact (whether intentional or not) with a fielder upon approaching a base. A runner colliding with a fielder and could have avoided contact by sliding will be called out and possible ejection (unless the fielder, including the catcher, is not making a play for the ball). The purpose for this rule is to avoid injury to the runner and/or the fielder.


26. Fake tags are not allowed. A penalty of game ejection if baserunner slides in reaction to fake tag by defensive player. No hidden ball tricks are allowed.


27. Any pitcher hitting 3 batters in an appearance must be removed from the pitching position.


28. Permanent cancellations of rainouts or make-up games are to be left up to the discretion of the Commissioners and league scheduler. A suspended game (if rescheduled) that has not completed 4 innings MUST resume from the point in which the game was suspended. If the game has completed at least 4 innings, then the game will be considered a completed game, and the score will be posted as the final score. If the game was suspended in an incomplete inning, then the score will be based on the final full complete inning. Clemente must complete 3 innings to be


considered a complete game, otherwise the game will need to resume where the score left off.


29. Any runner removed because of illness or injury must be replaced by the player who made the last out. This position in the batting order is not an out during regular season league play. This position in the batting order IS an out during league tournament play.


30. All leagues: When a catcher is on base with 2 outs, the player making the last out may pinch run for the catcher (unless it is the last inning).


31. Each Team must have a designated “Team Parent” for each game. It is their responsibility to do the following: work the scoreboard, announce on the PA, make sure the dugouts and bleacher areas are picked up after each game, assist with raking the fields after each game, and other duties as deemed necessary. It is the coach’s responsibility to assign this position for every team.


32. In order to work in the concession stand a worker must be part of a Wallen family (Must be 12 years of age or older).


33. Bat limitations do apply in the Koufax Division (See Koufax Division Rules).


34. In order to move up to a higher aged division all of the following criteria MUST apply:


*Player must attend the correct division’s tryout;

*All board members and coaches in attendance at the tryout will evaluate the player; *Board members ONLY will make the final decision with feedback from the coaches at the tryout;

*Evaluation of the player must be higher than a “C” rating;

*Must be absolutely clear to the family that it’s an evaluation during the tryout to determine whether the player can move up.


35.  Each division is scheduled min. of 1 game a week and up to max of 3 games a

       week.  If have to schedule 4 games a week for any circumstances (Examples,

       rainouts, no fields avail. and or heat index), Wallen Complex in Baseball and      

       Softball division guarantee 12-14 games in spring season including end of season tournament, any division may be scheduled more than 12-14 games. The spring season is April thru Middle of July.  For Fall season 8-10 games guarantee no tournament given.  Tee and Lob will not exceed 10-12 games for spring and 8-10 games in fall.  Tee and Lob will never have more than max of 3 games a week.


36.   If a team is scheduled more than 3 games a week, a pitcher is allowed 3 additional innings per week.  ONLY IN THE ADDED GAME (#4) and in following pitch counts listed in Rule #37


37.  Baseball “Pitch Counts” and rest period Guidelines, along with following these rules and the above appearances for pitchers in each division and their specific ages.





Guidelines for Baseball Teams structure and forming.  WALLEN COMPLEX




1.         Team consist of volunteer Head Coach, and 2 assistant coaches. Depending on each year the number of registration and volunteer coaches we have.  The following rules will go into affect if we don’t have enough coaches to players to roster under the number of 13 boys:   IF we don’t get enough head coaches to keep roster to a min.   Then Teams may not be able to carry 2 assistant coaches, unless they were on last year roster.  Any of the new teams will be limited to 1 asst. coach.  Explanation is that we will need for some new or old Asst. Coaches to step up and Head coach a new team.

2.       If an assistant coach steps up from current team or thru registration and takes over as a head coach of new team they will be allowed to have 2 asst. coaches of their own, but have to be register online thru our website for back ground checks prior to week before each draft. And also must be under the rule of Min. number of kids on roster of 13.   So example would be if we have 6 head coaches and we have enough to create 2 or 3 more teams then still has to keep us 13 and under after the 2 or 3 teams.   We will not allow 2 asst. only 1 for a new or old team till we can say that our min. number of boys is going to be at 13 or less,  with allowance for late registration on average 10 spots.  So if we have 72 kids we would have 6 teams we will allow for 10 spots from there so would need 7 teams.  Would put us at 10.5.

3.       Determination on the teams will be on the Baseball Board Drafting committee.  This will need to be determined by 3/1 on initial numbers for coach search by 3/10 would need a set amount of teams


4.       Head Coaches that start the season with the asst. coaches, listed at or prior to draft night from prior year roster in new division.  Are classified as assistant, no new asst. coaches will be allowed on that team unless have a sponsor pick to use for that asst. and his boy.


5.       Only if the assistant listed on prior chooses to be re-enter the draft for tryouts and listed on their registration they are wanting to reenter into the draft from prior year teams.  A head coach can then pick up a new asst. coach and his kid.


6.       The Assistant must notify prior to 3/10 that they didn’t attend to enter draft want to stay on team.  No matter what is explanation the asst. coach cannot say he is not asst. coaching.  He still listed as a asst. coach for the next year.  Unless he leaves the team or park for min. of one year.


7.       No kids from prior year roster who fails to register prior to Sunday before their draft night will not be allowed to be put back on that roster unless the head coach choose to use draft pick with in the snake draft, or sponsor pick.  NO asst. coach can be late as in prior list all asst. coaches will be set prior to 3/10.


8.       Asst. coaches and Head coach’s kids will be placed prior to draft night.  Not necessarily night of Grading must be fair.


9.       Spring Season is tied into the Fall season of same year, but the kids in fall from prior year will not be part of future Spring season.   Spring rosters will be used for Spring roster year to year.


       Rules for Sponsorship for teams 


1.       Types of Sponsorships:  Team Sponsor, Field Sign, or Scoreboard Sign

Sponsorship application has to be submitted by 3/10/2018 all sponsorship logos. Color schemes and money needs to be paid by 3/10/2018.

2.       We offer a team sponsor and if team sponsorship is full we will use the sponsorship money to do 2 field signs for 3 years.  So. one example would be if 2 parents have a sponsor for the team.  We will either by choice of parent to put their child on that team or be moved to a team that needs a sponsor.   The team that kid was on will only have 2 team sponsor picks.  Sponsorship follows the player not team.

3.       No sponsor legacy, may be allowed 2 sponsor picks.

4.       New sponsorships new to the division is allowed 2 sponsor picks the first year only.

5.       Renewal Sponsorship in the 2nd year or 3rd year of division is only 1 pick.

6.       If a parent/coach/asst head coach generates 2 team sponsors and one is willing to move one sponsor to another team or move it to field or scoreboard deal, will be allowed to grand total of 2 sponsor picks.  Up to only 2 sponsor picks.  

7.       The team that is receiving the sponsor pick from above doesn’t have a sponsor pick generated then will be allowed only one sponsor, if the team gets another sponsor and willing to move team sponsor, field sign or scoreboard sign then they would be allowed a total of 2 sponsor picks.   This would continue till up to Draft Night.

8.       Sponsor picks cannot be to take other kids from other teams.  Parents must request to be redrafted only thru website registration to a new team, they must show up to draft and be graded by Board Members.   Parents must request all and do leg work to finalize by 3/10

9.       Unless the board needs to use the deal to draw volume.  Coaches then have, to have approval from sponsor.

10.   Trade sponsor get no Pick unless the trade sponsor is actual child.

11.   All Sponsor players must be placed prior to draft night and must Show up for Draft or will not be allowed to add player to you roster.   This is to be fair to fill ratings in top spots.




Coaches kids and Asst. coaches will be rated by Baseball Board members not that coaches.  Need to be fair on grading.

Draft procedure.


1.        All players from prior year that registered online prior for new season will be placed, no tryout is required.

2.       All players entering the draft and show up for draft must be drafted first.

3.       All kids that are entering draft that do not show up for the tryout will be put into a hat and pulled.

4.       If we have prior year grades we will input last year grade.

5.       No Hat pick will be pulled till all kids that showed up draft with a grade will be placed prior to going to the hat.   Can’t skip your live draft player for a hat pick.

6.       When evaluating players be fair and honest,  don’t rate A because you know he going to a team.

7.        Players that register late will be placed in order after the last team of the snake order or currently left off.

8.       All trade must be approved at Draft night by all Coaches in that division.

9.       If you are coaching 2 teams on same night of draft,  you must have your assigned asst. coaches there to handle one or both of your drafts.

10.   If coach is unable to do that then Wallen Baseball board member will do your draft.

Wallen Baseball


Eric Wedge Division 15-17(if turning 18 in the current year may play year baseball wood bat)
Koufax Division 13-15 year
Reese Division 11-12 year old
Mays Division 9-10 year old
Clemente Division 7-8 year (Coach/Player Pitch)(7 year olds average to above skill)

2017 Washington Township Baseball League, Inc. (WALLEN COMPLEX) 
“A non-profit Organization”                              


Registration Listing

No Programs are Currently Displayed

There are no programs or divisions available at the moment. Please contact your club administrator with any questions.

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