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General Rules for Wallen Complex



A.     Use of profanity, throwing of equipment or other flagrant unsportsmanlike conduct by a coach, assistant coach or player will result in ejection from the game.

B.     Any coach, assistant coach or player ejected during a game will be suspended for the next two games. A second ejection in the same season will result in suspension for the rest of the season.

C.     A suspended coach or assistant coach assisting his/her team in any manner from the bleachers or near the playing field will be ejected from the ballpark.

D.     The Wallen Softball Board of Directors, by majority rule, has the authority to permanently remove a coach, assistant coach or player from their team for unsportsmanlike conduct at anytime during the regular season and/or tournament.

E.      The Head Coach, or Substitute Head Coach, is responsible for the behavior of his/her team's parents and fans, and is subject to ejection from the game for unsportsmanlike conduct by his/her team's parents and/or fans.

F.      Anyone intentionally damaging or defacing the ballpark or school property will be subject to suspension for the rest of the season.

G.    Smoking is not allowed on the field, dugouts or grandstands.

H.     Pets are not allowed at the ballpark.


A.     National Federation of  High School Associations (NFHS) rules will apply in all divisions except as amended herein.

B.     First team listed on the schedule is the visiting team and second team listed is the home team. The visiting team will use the dugout designated for visitors and the home team will use the dugout designated for home team. In the case of regularly scheduled double headers, the visiting team in the first game will use the visitor's dugout for both games.

C.     Teams shall not conduct pre-game warm up in the infield, but may warm up in the outfield and areas outside of base paths.

D.     Games may be started before scheduled time upon agreement by both coaches, assuming umpires are available.

E.      All Jewelry, including watches, rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings must be removed, as per NFHS rule 3-2-12.

F.      Each team will give the opposing coach a line-up prior to the scheduled game time. The line-up must be in batting order and contain NAME AND NUMBER.


A.     No practices allowed before league try-out day.

B.     For insurance purposes, practices should not occur of private property.

C.     There will be no batting practice between the school and the diamonds, teams will not be permitted to bat or pitch into the school's soccer goals

D.     Batting practice is permissible in the batting cages located bewteen Diamond #2 and Diamond #5.


A.     Season standing and tournament seeding will be based on the following: For each regular season game the winning team will receive two points the losing team will receive zero points and in case of a tie each team will receive one point.

B.     If two or more teams tie in regular season standings, the first tiebreaker will be head to head results. The second tiebreaker will be fewest defensive runs allowed for the season. The third tiebreaker will by fewest runs allowed in head to head games. The fourth tiebreaker will be coin flip.


A.     Tournament seeding will be based on final season standings. B. Tournament bracket will be determined by Board of Directors.

C.    Tournament game scheduling will be determined by Board of Directors.


The higher seeded team will be home team. The winner of the winner's bracket will be home team in potential Championship Game. Home Team for Championship Game will be determined by coin flip if both teams have one loss.


A.     Each team will be coached by the head coaches of the two teams ranking highest in the league standings one week prior to the scheduled game. If either coach is not available, coaching duties will be filled by the next available coach according to league standings. Each coach is expected to utilize the other head coaches as assistant coaches.

B.     The head coach of each team will nominate 4 players from their team to participate in the All-Star game. Those four players will be ranked number 1 through 4, with number 1 being the highest rank player and the coach's 1st selection to the All-Star team.

C.     A representative of the Softball Board of Directors will contact the 1st and 2nd ranked nominee from each team, informing them of their nomination. If either of the nominated players decline their nomination, the Board will conduct the next highest rated player until players from each team have been selected. If two players of the four nominated are not available the Board will contact the head coach and ask for additional nominations. The intent is to have at least two players from each team.

D.     All-Star teams will typically roster 12 players each. The Board will nominate players to complete rosters after two players have been chosen from each team. The Board nominated player(s) may, or may not, be chosen from Head Coach nominations.






  1. Any girl that is at least 10 years old and not more than 11 years old on the previous December 31st is eligible for participation in Daisy Division. Exceptions will be at the discretion of the Board of Directors.



  1. The distance between bases on Diamond #7 are 55 feet. If a Daisy game is scheduled on a diamond other than Diamond #7 the 60-foot bases will be used.
  2. Front of pitcher’s plate to rear tip of home plate shall be 35 feet.
  3. The pitcher’s circle will be a 5-foot radius from front center of pitcher’s plate.



  1. T-shirts or uniforms will be provided by the League and should be worn during all games. No altering of uniforms permitted, including removing sleeves or adding a player’s name.
  2. Catchers must wear full catcher’s equipment. Certified equipment will be provided by the League as needed.
  3. When warming up a pitcher, a catcher must wear a helmet/face mask.
  4. A batting helmet, with face mask, must be worn by any batter, on-deck batter, base runner or player in the coach’s box while the ball is live, as per NFHS rule 1-6.
  5. 11-inch balls provided by the League will be used.
  6. All bats must conform to NFHS rule 1-5.
  7. No metal cleats.



A.    All players must appear in batting lineup at all times.

B.    A team can play a maximum of 5 outfielders at a time. (consistent with tournament) No player will be allowed to sit out a second inning until all players have sat out 1 inning, (and then 2 innings and then 3 and so on…don’t sit the same girls all the time)

C.    The minimum number of players required to begin or continue a game is 8 players. A grace period of 10 minutes from the scheduled time will be permitted. A team not able to field 8 eligible players will forfeit the game. Coaches can choose to play by mutual consent, but the forfeit will stand.

D.   Daisy Division teams will be permitted to use any 8-year-old lob-ball or ABC player with a signed parental consent form, as a substitute player to field a team of no more than 10 players.

E.    Any substitute player(s) will be placed at the bottom of the batting order.

F.    A late arriving regular roster player will be inserted at the bottom of the batting order.

G.   A substitute player will be allowed to continue playing after the arrival of a regular roster player.

H.   If a player is injured, gets sick or has to leave a game due to extenuating circumstances, her absence in the batting order will not be an automatic out. An injured or sick player cannot play offensively or defensively. The opposing coach will be immediately informed of any change in a player’s participation.






  1. National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) rules will apply except as amended herein.
  2. A complete game will be 5 innings or when time limit has been reached.
  3. Time limit for all games is 75 minutes. No new inning will start after 65 minutes on the Official Time Clock. A new inning is considered to begin immediately after the 3rd out for the home team.
  4. Stalling will not be permitted. The umpire will assess a bench warning to any team he/she determines to be stalling. After 1 warning the umpire may assess a penalty of a ball or a strike for additional stalling.
  5. In case of rain, four complete innings, or 3 ½ innings if the home team is ahead, is considered a complete game.
  6. If a rain delay occurs, the game will be resumed from the point of delay. An official rain delay sheet must be filled out and signed by both coaches.
  7. If a game is approaching the time limit, and the umpire is aware that there are players on either team that have not batted, the umpire may reduce or increase the number of outs allowed in an effort to ensure that all players on both teams gets at least one turn at bat.
  8. The maximum number of runs allowed per inning is 7 per team. There is no per inning batting order rotation limit.
  9. A game is complete after 3 innings if a team has a 12 run lead or after 4 innings if a team has an 10 run lead, except when rule 11-G is relevant.
  10. A pitcher may pitch in a maximum of 3 innings per game. Any appearance in an inning shall count as one inning pitched. Re-entry in the same inning shall only count as one inning.
  11. A pitcher may not pitch in more than two consecutive innings per game.
  12. At the start of the game pitchers will be given five warm-up pitches. A relief pitcher will initially be given five warm-up pitches. A returning pitcher will be given two warm-up pitches at the beginning of each half-inning.
  13. If a pitcher hits 3 batters in any inning or 4 batters total in a game, that pitcher will not be allowed to pitch for the remainder of that game.



  1. When bases are loaded and the pitcher has thrown 4 Balls, a coach from the offensive team will come in to pitch to that batter. The current count will remain in place regarding the number of Strikes on the batter, and the Coach will have 5 pitches (minus the number of strikes the batter currently has) to allow the batter to either put the ball in play or strike out. Umpire WILL CALL STRIKES during those 5 pitches.
  2. All outfield players must remain behind the designated line until the ball is hit. (They must play “outfield”)
  3. Infielders are not to move in more than a few steps from normal position before the ball is hit.
  4. No intentional walks allowed.
  5. Stealing is permitted (except below), but a runner cannot leave the base before the pitch crosses home plate. Stealing is not permitted by a team that has a 10 run lead.
  6. No stealing home.  Unless the throw from the catcher to the pitcher is not a completed catch.
  7. A base on balls is considered a dead ball and the batter is allowed first base only. Base runners can advance only if forced.
  8. There is no dropped third strike rule. A batter is declared out on a third strike regardless of whether the catcher catches the ball. Base runners may advance provided there are not 3 outs.
  9. If in the Umpire’s judgment is a batter throws her bat, the batter shall be called out and any baserunners will return to the base previously occupied.
  10. Only 1 base allowed on an overthrow, even if ball is in fair territory.
  11. When a batter is Hit By Pitch the UMPIRE will decide if the batter gets first base. (The Umpire can ask if the batter wants to continue to hit)
  12. Coaches are not allowed in the field of play except when base coaching.
  13. The infield fly rule is not in effect.



  1. Tournament games will not end in a tie.
  2. A championship game, or potential championship game, will be 5 complete innings with no time limit, except in run-rule situations (rule 11-I).
  3. At the beginning of each half-inning for a game continuing past 5 innings, or for time limit games ending in a tie, the offensive team shall place at second base the last batter to complete a full at bat in the previous inning.
  4. A maximum of 5 outfielders will be allowed during tournament games. Additional players will remain in the dugout. No player will be allowed to sit out a second inning until all players have sat out 1 inning. (5 outfielders is 11 players and consistent with regular season rule)
  5. Three-inning rule is in effect for pitchers in tournament games regardless of the number of innings played.

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